How to Launch an Automated New Manager Survey

Support and prepare new managers with the Automated New Manager survey.

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Acquiring a direct report and becoming a manager is an exciting and potentially stressful event in any professional career.

With the automated New Manager survey, this becomes an opportunity for managers to reflect on their position and receive the resources and support they need to effectively lead people.  

This article covers automated New Manager surveys, learn more about launching automated surveys.

New Manager Template

Quantum Workplace provides a curated New Manager template for new manager events in your organization. This template is designed to supplement an organization's existing training & resources, and provide new managers with the support they need.

Questions included in the New Manager template include:

  • I am aware of resources available to me as a manager.
  • I am receiving coaching and support on my new role as a manager.
  • I am comfortable building trust with members of my team.
  • Rank the top three barriers you are currently facing as a new manager or anticipate needing help with in the future.
  • What resource or support would best help you as a new manager in the next one to two months?

The template can be further customized for your organization's unique situations. Questions can be edited, removed, or added in the Questions step of the survey creation process. 

How to Launch an Automated New Manager Survey

To launch an automated New Manager survey, click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu, then click, Surveys & Pulses. 

From the Surveys & Pulses page, click New Survey in the top-right. In the modal that appears, click Automated Survey to start creating your survey. 

When deciding on a template, the New Manager template is highly recommended. However, other Best Practice templates, your organization's templates, or the option to create your own questions are still available.

Survey Details

On the first page of the survey setup process, enter the survey's name, included languages, new survey trigger, and whether to enable Action Planning. 


  1. Survey Name: The title of the survey as it will appear on the survey, invitations, and reminders
  2. About This Survey: Optionally, enter any context useful for survey participants
  3. Languages: If the survey should include other languages, check the corresponding box and provide the necessary translations later in the setup. Learn more about survey languages and translations
  4. Launch Triggers: Specify what event causes a survey launch, in this case, select New Manager Event. A New Manager Event is triggered when a manager receives their first direct report
  5. Action Planning: Check this box to enable Action Planning for this survey, learn more about Action Planning 

Survey Confidentiality

Quantum Workplace offers different confidentiality options for each survey to best match the confidentiality needs of the survey and the organization.


  • Not Confidential does not hide any identifiable information, the participant's responses are visible and attributed to them
    • Optionally, enter any users who should be notified when a participant completes the survey
  • Mixed maintains a participant's  confidentiality in Analytics, an admin export can be configured to contain participant information 

    • When selecting Mixed, specify the minimum number of responses required to display the results in Analytics. Learn more about the minimum response count

      In the Email address for questions... field, enter an email address for survey participants to contact should they have any questions
  • Confidential keeps all results hidden and non-attributed, Analytics can slice and filter the results by demographics

    • When selecting Confidential, specify the minimum number of responses required to display the results in Analytics. Learn more about the minimum response count

Learn more about survey confidentiality. 


If you selected a Best Practice template at the beginning of the survey setup, you will see those questions listed on this page.

If you instead selected Create Your Own Survey, you can now add questions from Quantum Workplace's library of questions or create your own.


To edit or delete a question, click the question's corresponding icon. To rearrange the order of a question, click and drag the question's icon to the desired order. 


In the Participants step, determine who should be invited to complete the survey and how they can access the survey.  


  1. Invite Rules: Determine how the automated survey will send out invites 
    1. Based on the date of the first direct report: When a manager receives their first direct, an automatic invite will be sent out after a determined time period, this time period is customized on the next page
    2. Based on demographics: Enter demographics to Include and Exclude to have automatic invitations sent to the right audience
  2. Access Survey By: Specify how participants can access and complete the survey
  3. Manually Invite Participants if the specific employees aren't included in the configured invite rules
  4. List of Survey Invitations displays every employee who falls under the invite rules and can expect a survey invitation



  1. Launch & End Date: The customizable date and time the survey is set to launch, and optionally end
  2. Survey Opens: Choose when the survey opens for managers once they have their first direct report- the time interval can be set according to days, weeks, or months
  3. Reminders: Determine when reminders are sent to participants- reminders can be deleted or additional reminders can be added 
  4. Time: To account for employees who may be in different timezones, enter what time invitations and reminders should be sent
  5. Survey Closes: Decide when a survey is closed- participants will not be able to complete the survey after the close date

Test & Review

The final Test and Review screen lists the details and settings of the survey as you've configured them.


  1. Test Mode allows you to test the invitation and reminder messages before the survey is launched, the test emails can be sent to specified users within your organization
  2. Preview the questions and save the questions as a template for future use. The Survey Timeline details the life of the survey, from launch to close, and everything between
  3. Participants briefly cover the invite rules set on the Participants page and allow you to view a list of all participants
  4. Public Link  provides a button to quickly copy the survey's URL to send to survey participants