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Survey Translations

Support multiple languages in a survey.

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When launching a survey in Quantum Workplace, add translations for any language enabled for your organization to offer the survey in the additional language(s). 

If you don't see a language as an option, contact your CIM/CSM to enable additional languages for your organization. 

Learn how to provide translations for your survey and continue survey analysis for surveys completed in other languages.

Add Translations to a Survey within the Survey Creator (Recommended)

During the survey setup process, on the first step, the Survey Details page, you are prompted to select any additional languages to offer the survey in. 

The available languages in the images may vary depending on your organization's settings. 

To add additional languages and translations for a survey:

  1. In the survey setup's first step, Survey Details, select the additional language(s) the survey should be offered in
  2. Complete the rest of the fields and click Next
  3. Continue to configure the survey until you reach the new Languages step
  4. From the Languages step, enter the translations for the additional language(s) either individually or in bulk
  5. Continue to configure and launch the survey as normal

Add Translations Individually

Enter the translations for the survey. This includes translations for each survey question, question descriptions, categories, and email communications.

To add translations individually:

  1. Click a field and enter the translation for the corresponding field
  2. Click Save as you progress through each section of the survey to avoid losing progress
    • If more than one additional language is selected, i.e. English + Language A + Language B, etc., click the remaining non-translated languages and repeat steps 1-2
    • Use the section links for each language, i.e. Details, Questions, Categories, and Communications to quickly navigate to each section
  3. Once each field is translated, click Next to finalize translations and continue the survey setup process

Add Translations in Bulk

Provide all of the translations for the survey, i.e. survey title, description, questions, email communications, etc. via an uploaded CSV file.

To add translations in bulk: 

  1. In the Languages card, click Bulk Import
  2. In the resulting modal, click translations file to download and open the TranslationsExport CSV file
  3. Navigate through the different tabs/sheets and enter translations for each field
    • Each additional language will have its own column
  4. Save the CSV file and click Upload File in the Manage Questions Translations modal
  5. Upon a successful import, exit the modal and verify that the translations are correct
    • To fix any errors, repeat steps 2-5 until the survey translations are correct
  6. Click Next to finalize translations and continue the survey setup process

Add Translations to a Survey Template

Survey translations can be added for each question individually when creating a survey template. 

It's typically recommended to add survey translations within the survey creator when possible. 

To add translation within the survey template editor:

  1. Within the template editor, click and expand the Can be launched in field
  2. Select the additional language(s) and click Save
  3. Click and expand the new Languages drop-down menu
  4. Click the additional language from the expanded menu to add/edit translations 
  5. Click the edit icon for a question to enter a translation
  6. Enter the translation in the [Additional Language] Question Text field
  7. Click Save Changes
  8. Repeat these steps for each question

Questions without a translation are tagged with a Translation Missing tag. 

Translations in Survey Analytics

When viewing the Comments report in a survey's Analytics, non-English comments left by survey participants are automatically translated.

To view the comment in its original language, click Show Original Language.

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