How to Add Survey Logic


You can add logic to your survey to control which subsets of your organization can see specific survey questions and to trigger follow-up questions to appear depending on a survey taker's respond to the preceding question.

Follow these instructions if you are creating your survey questions as part of the survey set up process. 

Click here for instructions on how to add survey logic to your survey template

How to Add Logic to your Survey

You will add logic to the Questions section of your Survey Creator. Before you add logic to your survey, begin by adding all questions to your survey and ordering them in the way you would like them to be displayed in the survey.

Use the drag and drop functionality to arrange your questions
so that the follow-up questions appear right below the questions they should be asked in response to. Once you have added all questions to your survey, click Logic from the panel at the left. 


Each question (except for open-ended questions) will display two options: Ask a follow-up question and Limit who sees this question. You cannot create follow-up questions in response to open-ended questions, so open-ended questions only include the Limit who sees this question option.


Ask a follow-up question 

To control who can see a specific follow up question based on their response to a preceding question, you will apply survey logic to the preceding question (e.g. the question that determines whether or not a follow up question is asked), not to the follow-up question itself. 

Click Ask a follow-up question to specify that the next question in the survey (e.g. the question directly below) should only be shown to survey takers who respond to this question a certain way.  

The following window will appear:

Use the drop down menus to determine when the follow-up question should appear and what the follow-up question should be. In the above example question 5 will appear if the response to question 4 is Strongly Disagree. Click Add Response to add more responses that trigger the follow-up question to appear.

In the above image, Question 5 will now be displayed when a survey taker responds with either "Strongly Disagree" or "Disagree" to this question. 

You can also change which question is selected as the follow up question from the drop down menu next to then ask question

Please note that only the questions that appear in the survey following the original question are able to appear as follow-up questions. To get a question from earlier in the survey to appear as a follow-up question, you will need to reorder the questions on your survey using the drag and drop functionality available from the main Questions view (you cannot reorder questions from the Logic view.)

To add an additional follow-up question based on the responses you've specified, click Add Question and use the drop down menu to specify which of the remaining survey questions should be asked as a follow-up question. 

Once you have defined which responses on the initial question should trigger the follow-up question to appear and defined which question(s) should appear in response, click Add. 

Once you have added this survey logic, you will be able to see that a follow-up question has been added to the original question. 

When you preview this survey, you will be able to trigger the follow-up question to appear by selecting the response that generates this question. 

Limit who sees this question

To control which of your survey takers should see a particular question, click Limit who sees this question. 
Limit who sees this question blank slate

In the row Ask question if,  you will specify which demographics should see this question by completing each of these three fields. 

From the first drop down menu, select the demographic you would like to use to specify who should see this question (e.g. department, location, etc.) From the second drop down menu, select is or is not to further define who will see this question. 
Limit who sees this question department is or is not

In the third and final field, type in the groups that either should see this question (if you selected is from the second drop down) or should NOT see this question (if you specified is not from the second drop down). 

Limit who sees this question finance sales
In the above example, this question will be shown only to employees in the Sales and Finance departments. 

In the below example, this question will be shown to all employees except those in the HR department. 

Limit who sees this question not hr

If you need to define who should see this question using more than one type of demographic, click Add Demographic to further narrow down who should be asked this question. In the below example, this question will be asked to all employees in the Boston office except for those in the HR department:
Limit who sees this question HR Boston

Click Add once you have defined who should see this question. 


Note: When previewing your survey you will see all questions, including those that have been limited by demographics.