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What is the Minimum Response Threshold?

The minimum response threshold is the number of responses required for Analytics to be visible for a confidential survey or cycle.

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The minimum response threshold is the number of responses required to view the analytics for a confidential survey or cycle. 

Admins must set a minimum response threshold for all confidential surveys or feedback cycles as part of the cycle setup. This ensures that employee voices are kept confidential and prevent managers from identifying employees via their responses. 

The minimum response threshold can be set to as low as two responses for both Feedback and Surveys. Our Engagement Survey platform utilizes a minimum response threshold of five. 



For confidential Feedback cycles, the minimum response must be met for each Feedback recipient before the Feedback is visible. For example, suppose the minimum response threshold for a certain Feedback cycle is three. In that case, the data for Feedback recipients can only be accessed when that Feedback cycle has had three or more people provide feedback. 

For confidential Feedback cycles that utilize Feedback Groups, the minimum threshold applies to each Feedback Group. This means that if you are launching a 360 Feedback in which peers and direct reports answer different questions about the Feedback recipient, that feedback is only visible once the Feedback Group meets the minimum response threshold. 

In a cycle where your minimum response threshold is three and you receive three responses from peers but only two responses from direct reports, you will only be able to see responses from the peers, not the direct reports.

The only exception to this is that for cycles that include the Manager Feedback Group the manager's Feedback for their direct report will always be attributed, and therefore visible. We recommend setting the minimum response threshold to be realistically low for any confidential cycle that utilizes Feedback Groups. 


Pulse Surveys

For confidential surveys, once the required number of responses is met, the analytics is visible for Admin users. If manager analytics is enabled for a confidential survey, the manager(s) must have the minimum number of employees in their own downline to complete the survey before they can view the results. 


Engagement Surveys

Engagement Surveys that are conducted through the Engagement Survey platform automatically include a minimum response threshold of five. This means that a minimum of five people in any given team or department must complete the survey to view results for their department. 

For any slice or filter you apply, the data will not be revealed for groups that had less than five people respond to the survey.