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What is the Minimum Response Threshold?

The minimum response threshold is the number of responses required to view Analytics for a confidential survey or cycle.

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The minimum response threshold is the number of responses required to view the analytics for a confidential survey or cycle. 

Admins must set a minimum response threshold for all confidential surveys or feedback cycles as part of the cycle setup. This ensures that employee voices are kept confidential and prevents managers from identifying employees via their responses. 

Our Engagement Survey platform utilizes a minimum response threshold of four. 

An example when configuring confidentiality settings for a new survey: 


Confidential Feedback Cycle

For a confidential Feedback cycle, the minimum response must be met for each Feedback recipient before the Feedback is visible. 

For example, if the minimum response threshold for a given Feedback cycle is three, then the Feedback can only be viewed after the cycle receives three responses. 

Confidential Feedback Cycle with Feedback Groups

For confidential Feedback cycles that use Feedback Groups, the minimum threshold applies to each Feedback Group. 

As an example, if you launch a 360 Feedback cycle where peers and direct reports answer different questions for the Feedback recipient, that feedback is only visible once the Feedback Group meets the minimum response threshold. 

Cycles with Peers & Direct Reports

For a confidential cycle involving peers and direct reports with a minimum response threshold of three, if the threshold is met but two of the three responses are from direct reports, you can only view the response from peers, not the direct reports. 

An exception to this is for cycles that include the Manager Feedback Group as the manager's feedback for their direct report is always attributed, and therefore visible. 

It's recommended to set the minimum response threshold realistically low for confidential cycles that use Feedback Groups. 


View Analytics as an Admin

For confidential surveys, admin users can view a survey's analytics once the minimum response threshold is met. 

View Analytics as a Manager

If manager analytics are enabled for a confidential survey, the manager can view a survey's analytics once the minimum response threshold for their downline is met. 

  • A. View Overall Results & Go to Action Plan:
    • For managers with full-upline clickability permissions enabled, if your downline does not meet the minimum threshold, you can view the survey analytics for an upline manager who has met the minimum threshold or view your team's Action Plans- learn more about roles and assignments
    • This ensures you still have survey results to analyze and act on that are still relevant to you and your team.
  • B. Lightweight 1-on-1s: 
    • For organizations with access to 1-on-1s, managers can also quickly schedule regular 1-on-1s with their direct reports to discuss results and improve team engagement- learn more about 1-on-1 best practices

Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys created with the best-practice Annual Engagement survey template automatically include a minimum response threshold of four to protect confidentiality and uphold participant trust in the survey.

This means that a minimum of four people in any given team or department must complete the survey to view results for the team or department, respectively. This applies to visibility when using slices and filters when viewing survey results.