How to Use Action Planning

Action planning enables teams and organizations to create actionable solutions around a survey's most impactful questions.

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Surveying your organization is the first of many steps in the journey to understand and impact engagement. A critical step in this journey is taking action based on the insights gathered in the survey.

Employees who see action following a survey are 12 times more likely to be engaged the following year than those who don't experience any follow-up. 

Action planning enables teams and organizations to create actionable solutions around the survey's most impactful questions. Organizations building action plans can leverage Quantum Workplace's Best Practice Action Items from the Actions Library.

Analytics dedicated to action plans empowers leaders by uncovering important information. This information enables organizations to understand and support their admins and managers with targeted programming. 

About Action Planning

If Action Planning is enabled for a survey, user access to a survey's Action Plan can be customized on a role basis. 

An action plan's access can be configured via a user's assignment to a specific node or branch on an organization tree. This applies to the automatically generated Manager Org Tree or custom org trees launched by your organization.

Users with Survey Analytics access can manage their Action Plans when a survey closes. Questions with Insights and Automated Insights can be pulled into an action plan as a Focus Area. 

Action plans are automatically live as soon as items are added, and will reflect any edits made as action plans change and evolve. 


To maintain meaningful and focused Insights- the available Insights in the Focus Area are limited to Automated Insights at a global level, the user's node, and any manual Insights created by the user. 

Enable Action Planning in the Survey Creator

In the survey creator, Action Planning is enabled by default to better strategize you can improve engagement while creating the survey, not after it launches. 

When Action Planning is enabled for a survey, admins can choose to enable or disable Action Planning for each role. Learn more about roles and assignments.

How to Create an Action Plan

To build your action plan, first, analyze your survey data. Slice and filter the data and use the various reports available to you in Survey Analytics to identify interesting data points or trends within the data.

Create Insights to capture any interesting data. You can identify questions with Insights in the Results report by their purple bookmark icon under the Insights column. 

As you evaluate the Insights you’ve created, focus on 1-3 survey questions that you and your team want to invest in.

How to Create an Effective Employee Engagement Action Plan.

Via a Question with an Insight

To create an action plan and add Focus Areas via a question with an Insight: 

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  1. Navigate to the survey's analytics
  2. Click and expand the Reports tab
  3. Click and navigate to the Questions or Engagement Outcomes report
  4. Identify an actionable question and click the corresponding Insights ribbon
  5. Enter an Insight description and click Save
  6. Click the Action Plan tab
  7. Click Include in Your Action Plan to add a question with an insight into your action plan

Via Custom Focus Areas

To create an action plan and add Focus Areas via the Add Custom Focus Area button:

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  1. Navigate to the survey's analytics
  2. Click the Action Plan tab
  3. Click the Add Custom Focus Area button
  4. Enter a title and description in the appropriate fields
  5. Click Add

Click View Insights for a Focus Area to view the insight and the author. 

After a question has been added to an action plan as a Focus Area, Action Items can be added via the Action Library or as custom Action Items. 

Add & Edit Action Items

As you populate your action plan with Focus Areas, you can add Action Items to each Focus Area. 

Action Items provide actionable steps to achieve the larger goal of the Focus Area. As you carry out and complete Action Items, click the corresponding ☐ icon to mark the item as complete. 

To communicate any context or additional information, each Action Item can be commented on by action plan Owners and Viewers. Notifications are delivered to everyone in the comment thread. 

Action Items can be added to your Focus Area in one of two ways, via the Action Library or created manually.

Add Action Items via the Action Library

To add an Action Item via the Add from Library button:

2023-07-17_16-56-42 (1)

  1. For the intended Focus Area, click Add from Library
  2. Select the Action Item(s) from the suggested list of Best Practice Actions 
  3. Click Add Selected to add the selected items to the Focus Area

To edit an existing Action Item, click the corresponding icon followed by Edit or Delete. 

If there are no Best Practice Actions associated with the Focus Area in question, the Add from Library button is not available. In this situation, the Add Custom Action Item button is the only option.

Best Practice suggestions are regularly added to the Action Library.

Action Library suggestions are not available for custom questions or survey questions that are outcome items for the survey. 

Add Action Items via Custom Action Items

To add an Action Item via the Add Custom Action Item button:

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  1. For the intended Focus Area, click Add Custom Action Item
  2. Enter the title and description in the appropriate fields
  3. Click Add

Edit Action Items

To edit an existing Action Item, click the corresponding ⋮ icon followed by Edit or Delete. 

Manage an Action Plan

When you navigate to the Action Plan tab of the survey's analytics, by default, you will see the Action Plan for the organizational level, All Results. 

Click Select Team to view action plans for branches of your Manager Org Tree or a custom org tree. To return to the organizational level, click Select Team > All Results. Alternatively, use the Search for a Manager field to directly search/select a manager. 

2023-02-09_11-37-03 (1)


To mark an action item complete, click the corresponding checkmark icon to the left of the item.

Navigate Action Plans within your Organization

Users with access to the survey results within Survey Analytics, i.e. managers, upline managers, or users with admin permissions, can view the action plans of their colleagues by using the Select a Team functionality. 

To view action plans for another user or node on an org tree, click Change Team.

2023-02-09_11-37-03 (1)

Switching Between Action Plans 

If a user is the Owner of more than one Action Plan, use the Select Action Plan drop-down menu in the Action Plan tab to switch between Action Plans.

Action Plan Assignments: Owner and Viewer

There are two different assignments for an action plan. Each assignment has specific functions and permissions when managing an action plan as explained below.

Learn more about assigning users to an assignment for an action plan. 

Action Plan Owners

Action Plan Owners can: 

  • Add Insights and Action Items to their Action Plans
  • Mark Action Items as complete 
  • View the team's results

An Action Plan can only have one Owner at any given time. 

Action Plan Viewers

Action Plan Viewers have visibility into a team's results including the action plan but can not edit the action plan. 

Note that Viewers are not displayed on the Action Plan as Owners are, even if they have active Viewer assignments. 

Action Planning Analytics

Admins can utilize Action Planning analytics to better understand the action planning happenings in their organizations via the Action Planning export and the Plan Tracking & Question Adoption reports.

To access Action Planning analytics, click and expand Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu, and click Action Planning.

When viewing the Plan Tracking or Question Adoption report, the most recent engagement survey will be displayed by default. If your organization hasn't closed an engagement survey, the most recent survey will be displayed instead.

Select among your organization's closed surveys via the Survey drop-down. Any exports will reflect the survey chosen in the drop-down.

When viewing the Plan Tracking or Question Adoption report, click the head of each column to change the sorting order.

The Plan Tracking Report

The Plan Tracking report presents information for employees and their action plans. 

The report notes the employee's name, title, and description. It also notes the number of Focus Areas, Action Items, and Completed Action Items for each individual. 

Click on a column header to sort the report accordingly.


The Question Adoption Report

The Question Adoption report lists the survey questions that have been used in action plans within your organization and the amount via the Plan Count column. 

Click the number in the Plan Count column to view the Plan Owners who included the question in their action plan. 


In the highlighted section, view a summary of action planning at the organizational level. This includes the total amount, questions per plan, and Action items per question.

The Action Planning Export

The Action Planning analytics can be exported as a CSV file.

Click Export on either tab to export the Action Plan data to your device. 

In the exported file, you will find the names and descriptions of Focus Areas and Action Items for each manager, along with detailed information about the action plans within the organization. 

To view the data seen on the Plan Tracking tab, click on the Dashboard sheet.