The Administrator's Guide to Analytics

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Overview of Analytics

If you're an Admin user of Quantum Workplace, you have access to aggregate data for every Quantum Workplace feature your organization is using in Analytics.  Managers will have an Analytics section that includes usage data for their downline, Vitals for their downline, and aggregate data for any Pulse, Feedback, or 1-on-1 cycle for which Manager Analytics has been enabled.

To navigate to Analytics, click on the drop down menu in the top right corner and select Analytics

Analytics Home Page:

Your Analytics Home Page looks like this:

From here, click on the appropriate section to  access overall reporting data for almost every aspect of Quantum Workplace. The two exceptions to this are Goals, which has no Analytics data, and your Engagement Surveys, which are accessible from the Surveys tab only. 


Analytics by Feature: 


  • Usage: View and export metrics for how frequently your employees are using each aspect of Quantum Workplace and the last date that each employee logged in. 

  • Recognition: 
    1. Export an excel report of the complete history of all recognition badges awarded at your company, including the recognition giver and receiver and the badge type. (Any filters you add will be reflected in your export.)
    2. Toggle between a bar graph/ pie chart view of all recognition badges given by type.
    3. Use the search capabilities on the right side to view recognition badges given or received by a particular person or given during a specific time frame. 

  • Feedback: View and export aggregate data for all Feedback cycles that have been conducted in your organization. 
    For cycles that include scaled agreement questions, Feedback Analytics display an overall score that all participants received on the scaled agreement items that included in the overall score (by default, all scaled items are included in the overall score unless you designate they should not be on the Feedback template). To view average scores for each Feedback recipient, click the Slice By... button and select Participant
    Feedback Analytics Slice By


If you Feedback groups, you can also click on any of the Feedback groups within the Toggle Feedback section in order to see the average response given by a particular Feedback Group.