Calibration Mode

To better accommodate conversations in which people leaders  discuss Vitals for their teams, we have created the ability to temporarily hide Vitals ratings for particular individuals (e.g., the people leaders who are meeting to discuss Vitals.)

To prevent Vitals from displaying for specific individuals, turn on the Calibration Mode in the top right corner within Vitals Analytics. 

calibration on

Next, click the plus button and type in the name(s) of the employees' whose Vitals you would like to obscure.

calibration mode

Once you've added all the individuals whose Vitals should not be displayed, click View Report to view the remaining employees' Vitals. Any employees who are listed under "Excluded People" will not appear. 

When you're ready to display all Vitals scores again, simply switch the Calibration Mode to Off.  A window will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to leave calibration mode. Click Yes, leave calibration mode.