Vitals Analytics

Admins and managers can view a complete history of their team's Vitals scores within Analytics.

As a manager or Admin, you can see Vitals scores for everyone in your purview within Vitals Analytics.  To open Vitals Analytics, navigate to Analytics from the drop down in the top right corner of your account and click Vitals. 

Within Vitals Analytics, you'll see a 16-box  at the top that represents scores along Performance and Growth axes (as referenced in the Vitals questions).  Employees who have received Vitals ratings will be plotted in this grid. 

You can click into any box to see which employees fell into this section of the grid.

Below the grid, you'll see a row displaying Vitals scores for every employee. The score you see here is the average of all Vitals ratings that the individual has received. You can click the drop down  arrow by an employee's name to view a complete history of every Vitals rating they've received and who provided those scores. 

Within the score history, you can click the drop down under Details to see any comment associated with that Vitals score. 
Vitals Comments

Taking Action on Vitals

Each of the four Vitals quadrants represents a different subset of your population. Click on the information icon in the middle of your screen to learn more about each quadrant and review talent management resources geared towards that particular group. 

Vitals Quadrants

For every employee, you can also add Insights to start a conversation about their scores (with their manager or other people leaders) directly in the platform. 

Who has Access to Vitals Analytics? 

Admins can see Vitals Analytics for everyone in the organization except for themselves. Focused Admins can see Vitals for everyone in their administrative scope, and managers have visibility into Vitals for everyone in their down line. 

If you're an Admin but you also have your own down line, you can switch between viewing Vitals for everyone in your organization and your own down line by clicking the "Downline" or "Admin Access" buttons in the top right corner.