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Turnover Rate

What is Turnover Rate?
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Turnover Rate is a feature within Quantum Workplace that allows Admin users to examine organizational turnover over time. Turnover Rate allows you to view turnover by any demographic you're tracking in Quantum Workplace, such as department, immediate manager, gender, location, and more. 

Who Can View Turnover Rate? 

Any Admin can view turnover, including Top-Level Admins and Focused Admins. Focused Admins will be able to view turnover taking place within their administration scope only. 

Where Can I Find Turnover Rate ?

Turnover Rate is automatically enabled for all customers and is accessible to all Admin users via the Analytics Home Page.  However, customers who do not have an HRIS integration or who established an HRIS integration prior to September 2018 will need to provide hire date and exit date information for their employees in order to ensure their Turnover data is accurate. Click here for instructions on how to easily import your employee's hire and exit dates.

How do I use Turnover Rate? 

Turnover Rate allows you to examine how turnover differs across particular demographics in your company such as gender, immediate manager, department, and location. Note: Which demographics you're able to examine Turnover Rate by will depend on which demographics you have enabled for slicing and filtering.

To examine turnover by demographic, slick the Slice By drop down button under the main Turnover Rate chart and select the demographic you would like to Slice By. 

A table will populate below the chart to display turnover data broken out by this demographic: