How to Get Accurate Turnover Rate Data

Turnover Rate Analytics provides turnover data for your organization in Quantum Workplace. However, this data will only be accurate if you ensure that you have updated your account to include hire date and exit date for all employees since you've first started partnering with Quantum Workplace. The majority of customers will need to import hire date and exit date information for their employees via User Management. 

Who Needs to Update their Employee Data?

  1. All customers who do not have an HRIS integration established will need to update their employee data to include hire and exit dates in order to get accurate turnover rate data.
  2. If you have an HRIS integration that was established before September 2018, you will still need to update your employee data, as integrations prior to that date did not capture exit date of all employees.

Customers who established an HRIS integration after September 2018 will not need to update their employee data. 

How to Update Employee Data

  1. Navigate to User Management, which is accessible via the Administration page. 
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. Import a .csv file with employee ID, username, hire date, and exit date for all employees (where each of these demographics are their own column). If you also track involuntary vs. voluntary terminations and the reason for termination, include that data in additional columns. 
    Provide as much historical data as you want to view analytics for; if you're not sure how much historical data to include, we recommend including data dating back to the time you began using Quantum Workplace.