How to Give Users the Ability to Slice and Filter by Demographics

Admins decide which demographics are enabled for filtering and slicing in Surveys, Feedback, and 1-on-1 Analytics. As part of this decision, you'll decide if a particular demographic should be available to Admin users to slice their data by only, Admins and Managers who are viewing analytics, or neither type of user. 

Note: In order for users to use the Heat Map report in Survey Analytics, they will need to have demographics enabled for them.  

From Administration, select General Settings

Then, click on the Demographics Tab. 

In the grid below, every demographic that you've added to Quantum Workplace is represented as a row. Under the last column, Use for Slicing, denote whether each demographic should be available to Admin users to slice and filter by, available to both Admin users and managers (for cycles in which managers analytics is enabled), or not available for slicing/filtering. 

The second column, User for Filtering & Team Goals allows you to denote which demographics your end-users should be able to use throughout the site to search by (e.g., if your users will be able to use "Department" as a demographic to add to their team goals).  

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