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Can I edit my responses or add comments to a finalized 1-on-1?

Admin users can allow anyone to change their responses or add comments to a closed 1-on-1.

1-on-1 users cannot edit their responses (or add comments) to a 1-on-1 once it's been finalized without help from an Admin user.  In order for an employee or manager to add comments or update their responses within a finalized 1-on-1, Admin users must change the status of the 1-on-1 from "Finalized" to "Shared" or "Started" and, if needed, extend the 1-on-1 so that the cycle lock date is in the future. 

Instructions for Admins: 

1. From within your 1-on-1 Home Page, click All 1-on-1s and locate the 1-on-1 that the employee has requested to update. You may need to use the People search function.

2. Open the 1-on-1 that needs to be updated by clicking View

3. Under the profile photo of the employee (or manager) who wants to update their responses, click on the Change Status button (represented by double arrows):


4.  From the drop down menu that appears, change the status of the 1-on-1 from Finalized to Started to give the employee the opportunity to change their original responses to the 1-on-1. If the employee only needs to add comments to their 1-on-1 and you do not want them to update their original answers to the prompts, change the status to Shared.


5. If the cycle lock date for this 1-on-1 has passed, you will also need to Extend the 1-on-1 cycle in order for the employee to add comments. Click the Actions menu in the top right corner and select Extend 1-on-1. Then, update the date for the 1-on-1 to a future date. (Your employee will need to update their responses before this date.) 


Once you've completed the above, your employee will be able to update their responses and add comments to the 1-on-1. The employee will receive an email notification (and a bell alert within Quantum Workplace) that you've updated their 1-on-1 status, but you may want to inform them that this means that they can update their 1-on-1.