1-on-1s Checklist

Review this checklist if you are a customer launching 1-on-1s in Quantum Workplace to your organization

Week 1

  • Review the Performance Management Maturity Framework to help you think through your approach on 1-on-1s. Refer to pages 7-8 for 1-on-1-specific content.
  • Leverage our Employee Success Toolkit to make a plan for helping your employees adopt the change (pages 16-21)
  • Create your 1-on-1 template(s) for your employees to utilize, using the questions and prompts that you've decided on
  • Make sure all users who will utilize 1-on-1 have the 1-on-1 permission turned on for their accounts.
    • If all new users should have this permission going forward, ask your Customer Success Manager to turn this on as a default permission.

Week 2

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