1-on-1s: Getting Started

Review this guide when launching 1-on-1s in Quantum Workplace for your organization

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Quantum Workplace's 1-on-1s feature gives users a dedicated space to hold guided conversations around a predetermined agenda for more focused and impactful interaction. 

Refer to this article as a guide for all things 1-on-1s, as well as best practices to maximize what 1-on-1s and Quantum Workplace provide for your organization. 

Confirm users who will use 1-on-1, both as a provider and recipient, have 1-on-1 permissions enabled for their accounts.

If all new users should automatically have access to 1-on-1s, contact your Customer Success Manager to enable 1-on-1s as a default permission. 

For a more complete list of help articles and resources for 1-on-1s within Quantum Workplace, visit the Help Library.

Launching & Managing 1-on-1s

Launching 1-on-1s

Learn how to use the 1-on-1 feature and create templates specific to your organization and colleagues' needs. 

Managing 1-on-1s

Learn how to encourage and maintain continuing 1-on-1s within your organization. 

Best Practices

Review the following Quantum Workplace guides to maximize 1-on-1s and nurture productive relationships with your colleagues.