Getting Started with Quantum Workplace

Welcome to Quantum Workplace! 

We are so excited to partner with you on your engagement strategy and help you cultivate a people-first culture. Now you have the chance to pick the right solution for your culture. But don’t worry! We are here to help you design the perfect solution.

Check out all of the ways you can drive engagement at your organization below!

Start with our design guides to craft your organization's unique solution:

Your Customer Success Manager will lead you through each phase of your implementation to meet the timelines you need. This will include a detailed Implementation Kickoff Meeting and weekly implementation tasks to ensure a successful, on-time delivery.

Here are the resources you'll need as you implement your engagement software:

  1. Set Up Users

    1. HRIS
    2. SSO
  2. Launch the Toolset

Share our How To Guides for Employees:

How to Use Goals
How to Use 1-on-1s
How to Use Feedback
How to Use Recognition