Talent Review FAQs

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding Talent Reviews.

FAQs in this article:


Who can see Talent Review ratings?

  • Managers can see Talent Review ratings for anyone in their downline
  • Admins can see Talent Review ratings for every user in the organization, except for their own
  • Focused Admins can see Talent Review ratings for any user in the scope of their administration
  • Users who were invited to give rating information for a colleague, who is not their direct report, e.g. matrix manager, project lead, etc, can see the Talent Review score that they gave- but not Talent Review ratings provided by other users
  • The employee can never see Talent Review ratings for themselves

Where can we view Talent Review ratings?

Talent Review ratings can be viewed in two places:

  • Via Talent Review Analytics
    • Admins can view Talent Review ratings for every user in the organization- users without ratings will have blank scores
    • Managers can view Talent Review ratings for every user in their downline
  • Via Employee Snapshot

How can my organization use Talent Reviews?

Many organizations partnered with Quantum Workplace adopt Talent Reviews to streamline their talent review and succession planning processes. 

Some organizations are moving away from more manual processes, i.e. spreadsheets, on-paper, etc. while others are moving from a 9-box system. Talent Reviews provides an easier, more efficient way to capture talent information making it possible for organizations who previously conducted talent reviews with their leadership team to conduct talent reviews for their entire organization. 

Can I edit the Talent Review questions?

Yes, the Talent Review questions can be edited to meet your organization's unique needs as long as you include one question that assesses growth trajectory and one that assesses performance. 

Contact your CIM/CSM for assistance. 

Can I use Talent Reviews for my 9-box performance review?

Yes, Talent Reviews can be adapted to fit a 9-box model. 

However, changing to a 9-box structure will cause you to lose the insights and resources that are baked in and integrated into Talent Review Analytics as they are tailored to Quantum Workplace's 4-quadrant model. 

How often should we update Talent Reviews?

It's recommended to update Talent Reviews for everyone in your organization once every quarter, or approximately every 90 days. 

How should we handle discrepancies between raters?

Talent Review Analytics allows you to view the average Talent Review rating to date for each employee, as well as the complete history of scores that they've received from every rater. 

Discrepancies between Talent Review ratings by different raters can signal an opportunity for a conversation. You can initiate a conversation between the raters to discuss their perceptions of the employee. 

If as a result of the conversation, one of the raters decides to change their rating, the rater or an admin can update the Talent Review rating. Learn more. 

Can I hide Talent Review ratings?

Yes, Talent Review ratings for anyone in your organization can be hidden using Calibration Mode. This is helpful when Talent Review conversations might include an employee who is participating in the conversation. 

Learn more about Calibration Mode.