Talent Review FAQs

Who can see Talent Review ratings?

Managers can see talent review ratings for anyone in their down line and Admins can see talent review ratings for anyone in the organization (except for their own.) Focused Admins can see Talent Reviews for anyone in their scope of Administration. In addition, anyone who was invited to rate an employee who is not their direct report (e.g., a matrix manager or project lead) will be able to see the talent review score that they provided for that individual, but they will not be able to see any other talent review ratings that person has received. Employees can never see their own Talent Review ratings.

Where can we view Talent Review ratings?

Talent Review ratings can be viewed in one of two places; Talent Review Analytics and within an employee's Snapshot. Within Talent Review Analytics, Admins can view ratings for everyone in the organization (employees who do not yet have Talent Review ratings will appear here with blank scores.) Managers will  have access to Talent Review analytics as well, and will be able to view ratings for anyone in their down line via the Talent Review analytics. Anyone with visibility into a particular employee's scores can view them via the employee snapshot. Talent Review ratings can also be updated directly via the  Snapshot.

How can my organization use Talent Reviews?

Many organizations we partner with have adopted Talent Reviews to streamline their talent review and succession planning processes. Some organizations are moving from a manual talent review process (e.g. a spreadsheet containing performance review information for employees) while others are moving from a 9-box system. Talent Reviews provides an easier, more efficient way to capture information about talent, making it possible for organizations who have previously only conducted talent reviews with their leadership team to conduct Talent Reviews for their entire organization.

Can I edit the Talent Review questions?

Yes, you can edit our questions to meet your organization's unique needs as long as you include one question that assesses growth trajectory and one question that assesses performance. Contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Can I use Talent Reviews for my 9-box performance review?

Yes! Talent Reviews can be adapted to fit a 9-box. However, changing to a 9-box structure will cause you to lose the insights and resources that are baked into Talent Review Analytics, as these are tailored to our 16-box structure.  

How often should we update Talent Reviews?

We recommend updating Talent Reviews for everyone in your organization once every quarter, or approximately every 90 days.

How should we handle discrepancies between raters?

Talent Review Analytics allows you to view both an average Talent Review rating  to date for each employee as well as the complete history of scores that they've received from every rater. If you notice discrepancies between the Talent Review ratings given by different raters, this may signal an opportunity for a conversation. You can initiate a conversation in platform between the raters who came to different conclusions about an employee to discuss their perceptions. If as a result of the conversation one of the raters decides to change their rating, either the rater or an Admin can update that rating from within either Talent Review Analytics or the employee's Snapshot.

Can I hide Talent Review ratings?

Yes! You can hide ratings for anyone in your organization by turning on the Calibration Mode and selecting the individuals' whose ratings should be hidden. This can be helpful in cases where you need to gather your people leaders in a room to discuss Talent Reviews and don't want their own Talent Review ratings to be visible.