Surveys: Getting Started

Review this guide when launching surveys with Quantum Workplace.

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Quantum Workplace's Surveys & Pulses feature helps organizations move the needle on engagement with intuitive and robust tools to capture and act on employee voices.

Refer to this article as a guide for all things Surveys, as well as best practices to maximize what Surveys and Quantum Workplace provide for your organization. 

For a complete list of help articles and resources for Surveys within Quantum Workplace, visit the Help Library.

Launch & Test Surveys

Learn how to launch and test different survey types available in Quantum Workplace. 

Launch Surveys

Test Surveys

Survey Templates

Learn how to create and use templates for best results with your surveys.

Manage Surveys 

Learn about different abilities available to you as an admin creating and managing surveys. See more survey management resources.

Survey Analytics

Learn about configuring survey access, the different reports, and all things survey analytics. See more Survey Analytics resources.

Best Practices

Best practices to consider when designing, launching, and acting on surveys. See more survey Best Practice resources.