Recurring 1-on-1s

Users can schedule 1-on-1s to re-occur automatically via their 1-on-1s Home Page

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What are Recurring 1-on-1s?
How to Create a Recurring 1-on-1
How to Edit or Delete Recurring 1-on-1s

What are Recurring 1-on-1s? 

Users can set up a 1-on-1 to re-occur automatically on a specific time frame, such as weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. Once you create a recurring 1-on-1 between yourself and any given colleague, Quantum Workplace will automatically launch a 1-on-1 between you and your colleague based on the time frame that you specify. 

How to Create a Recurring 1-on-1

To set up a recurring 1-on-1, begin by clicking the plus sign on your 1-on-1s Home Page. 

This will take you through the workflow to start a new 1-on-1.  Select the person you would like to meet with and the template you would like to use for your 1-on-1 as you normally would. Click Add Date and Time


 Use the calendar picker to select the date and time for your first meeting with this coworker. Then under Duration, specify the length of this recurring meeting. The date, time, and length of the meeting you select here will be reflected in the calendar invitations that you and your 1-on-1 partner will receive. 

Below the Duration of the meeting, you will see a Recurring button that is toggled on. Select the time frame by which this meeting should reoccur from the drop-down menu. 

Going forward, Quantum Workplace will automatically launch a 1-on-1 for you and your 1-on-1 partner four calendar days before the specific day of the week or month that you have selected here.

In the above example in which the user has specified that the meeting should recur on the fourth Monday of every month, a 1-on-1 will be automatically created the Thursday before. 

Finally, click Create 1-on-1 to launch this recurring 1-on-1. The first instance of this 1-on-1 (e.g., the 1-on-1 for the date and time that you specified using the calendar picker) will be live and ready for you and your 1-on-1 partner to complete. 

How to Edit or Delete Recurring 1-on-1s

Any recurring 1-on-1s that you are participating in will appear in the Recurring 1-on-1s section of your 1-on-1s Home Page. This section will display the profile photo for every coworker you are meeting with on a recurring basis. 

If you click on the profile photo of any coworker who appears below Recurring 1-on-1s, you will see the current details for this recurring 1-on-1. 

To delete your recurring 1-on-1, click Delete. 

From the pop-up that appears, click Delete Series to cancel the recurring 1-on-1. 

Deleting this recurring 1-on-1 will prevent any new instances of the 1-on-1 from being created, but will not delete any existing 1-on-1s between you and this coworker. 


To edit your recurring 1-on-1, click Manage

This will take you back to the screen from which you originally set up your 1-on-1. From here, you can update the template you're using and add or edit the Video Meeting Link for your 1-on-1. You can also adjust the frequency of the recurring meeting, edit the duration of this meeting, or update the next date of your next meeting by editing the date under Next Recurrence

Once you've made your changes, click Update to save.