Recognition: Getting Started

Review this guide when launching Recognition in Quantum Workplace for your organization.

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Recognition in Quantum Workplace allows users to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of individuals, and teams within an organization. Recognition can be instrumental in nurturing an organizational culture of high-quality work and celebration. 

Refer to this article as a guide for all things Recognition, as well as best practices to maximize what Recognition and Quantum Workplace provide for your organization. 

Confirm users who will use Recognition have Recognition enabled for their accounts.

If all new users should automatically have access to Recognition, contact your Customer Success Manager to enable Recognition as a default permission. 

For a more complete list of help articles and resources for Recognition within Quantum Workplace, visit the Help Library.

Launching & Managing Recognition

Launching Recognition

Learn how to launch and use recognition. 

Managing Recognition

Create custom badges and other ways to personalize and align Recognition with your organization's values. 

Best Practices

Review the following Quantum Workplace guides to better strategize and use recognition that aligns with your organization's unique culture and improves engagement.