November 8, 2023 - Release Notes

NEW! Lightweight 1-on-1s, Improved XLS Export for Survey Analytics, Survey Type Field Addition, Conversation Type Field Addition, Early Launch/Edit Recurring 1-on-1s, Change Fiscal Year Setting in Goals

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Surveys & Pulses

New! Lightweight 1-on-1s

All Survey users can now access lightweight 1-on-1s through Survey Analytics or the main Navigation menu. Users can set up recurring check-in conversations with their manager or direct reports. They can use embedded tools like the agenda builder, smart topics, and action items to keep engagement top-of-mind throughout the year--alongside other work priorities.

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Improved XLSX Export for Survey Analytics

Exports now include complete side-by-side past survey results data. This makes it easier to compare surveys and build custom charts and presentations.

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Survey Type Field Addition

Any survey user can view, sort, and filter by Survey Type -- making it quicker to find the survey you are looking for in Surveys or Analytics. Admins can also now set and edit the Survey Type field on any survey.

Learn how to set up survey details, including Survey Type


Conversation Type Field Addition

Admins are now able to tag and filter any 1-on-1 conversation as a Performance Review or other type of formal conversation using the new Conversation Type field. This makes it easier to separate insights for different types of conversations from each other, especially from recurring 1-on-1 check-ins.

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Early Launch/Edit Recurring 1-on-1s

Any user can now launch their next recurring 1-on-1 before the system launches it, allowing them to change the date, edit a template, or delete an upcoming 1-on-1. This makes it easier for users to manage upcoming 1-on-1s at their convenience.

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Option to Change 'Fiscal Year' Setting

We have now added the option to change the fiscal year setting for Goals. This allows admins to update the first month of their company’s fiscal year, which then determines the year and quarter start and end dates—and updates all filters and views to match. 

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