How to Create Goals with the Goal Wizard

The new and improved goal-setting experience.

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What is the Goal Wizard?

The goal wizard is designed to help you create meaningful goals. By breaking it down step-by-step, each goal-setting decision can be made more intentionally as you progress through the wizard.  A few key things to keep in mind as you are using the goal wizard:

  • Drafts are saved as you add to your goal and navigate through each of the steps.
  • If you leave the wizard at any point, your goal will be saved as a draft in the wizard, and you can continue editing it.

Name & Type

On the first Name & Type page, you will complete the basic and required fields:

  1. Goal Name: What do you want to achieve?
  2. Goal Type: Is this a Developmental or Personal goal? 
  3. Privacy: Who can view your goal
    • Once launched, privacy settings can not be changed for Organizational goals
  4. Under More Options, you will find additional ways to enhance your goal
    • Alignment: Align your goal with other existing Team, Manager, Organizational Goals, and even your other goals
    • Description: Add details about your goal and why it matters
    • Tags: Searchable terms to help you organize your goals

Remember: The goal wizard’s auto-save feature saves your progress as you create your goals.

Key Results

Next is setting up your Key Results for the goal. What are you measuring? How will you know you’ve been successful? 

Enter your goal in the Key Results text field. Then enter your Start and Target values, as well as the unit of measurement:

  • Percentage
  • Numerical
  • Dollars
  • Complete/Incomplete

See the Tracking field to preview and confirm your goal.

Some other helpful features include:

  1. Delete Goal
  2. Duplicate Key Result
  3. Delete Key Result
  4. Add a Key Result

Note: If your goal involves decreasing a value, enter a larger Start value than the Target value and the goal preview will begin with Decrease instead of increase.

Goal Dates

On the Goal Dates page, you'll decide on the dates for your goal. 

Click the date range to adjust the start and end dates for your goal. 

You'll see a few pre-set date ranges, oriented around three-month quarters or an entire year. For personalized date ranges, click Custom Range and type or click your desired dates in the calendar picker.

Click Next to proceed with your goal creation. 


On the Users page, determine if anyone else should be included in the goal, either as the owner or as one of multiple contributors. 

There can only be one owner per goal. Contributors, however, can be included to update the progress of the goal.

Once your goal is created, you will have the option to add Followers to your goal. Followers get visibility to goals without implying accountability. Followers will see posts for the goal in their news feed but won't have this goal displayed in their performance snapshot.

Note: managers and admins will only receive notifications if they are assigned to the goal as an Owner, Contributor, or Follower. 


The final Review screen is a quick review of the decisions you made before your goal goes live. You can take a few actions from this screen:

  1. Delete the goal by clicking the Trashcan icon in the top-right
  2. Click Create in Draft Mode if everything is right but you’re not quite ready to publish the goal. This will exit you from the wizard and take you to the Goal Details page where you can make changes and eventually publish your goal
  3. Click Create Goal to publish your goal and go live
Navigate to specific steps by clicking the Green Dot above each step or using the Back button.

Resuming a Goal Draft

The goal wizard saves your progress as you work on your goal. If at any time, you exit the wizard while working through your goals, your progress will be saved.

Get back to your goal by navigating to the Goal Explorer page and looking at your draft goals. Find your draft and click Continue to pick up where you left off. 

Note: You can have multiple drafts in progress at any given time.