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How to Update Vitals Any Time

This guide will show you how direct managers, up-line managers, and Admins can update an employee's Vitals at any time via an employee's profile or Snapshot. You'll also learn how to use Vitals Analytics to view past and present Vitals scores for everyone in your down line. 
Not in this guide: Admins can utilize Reminders to prompt direct managers to update Vitals for their employees at a specific cadence. Admins can also launch a Vitals cycle to request Vitals ratings.

How to Update Vitals via an Employee's Profile

You can provide a Vitals rating for anyone in your down line via their Snapshot at any time. First, go to the employee's profile using the Search Coworkers bar in the top right corner. You can also access your direct reports' profiles under Your Team on your home page. 

From the employee's profile, click Vitals Update. This will take you directly to the three Vitals questions you need to answer to provide a new Vitals rating for this employee. 

How to Update Vitals via the Employee Snapshot

You can also update Vitals via an employee's Snapshot. From the Snapshot, navigate to the Vitals tab. From here, you will see a history of any Vitals scores this employee has received, and from whom. On the right you'll see where this employee falls within our four performance and growth quadrants, as well as resources and strategies we recommend to consider in your role as a manager to this employee. Click Update Vitals to answer the three Vitals questions about this employee. 

Vitals Analytics

Managers are able to view and update Vitals for all employees in their down line via Vitals Analytics.  (Admins are able to view and update Vitals scores for anyone in the organization through Analytics). Navigate to Vitals Analytics by clicking Analytics from the drop down in the top right corner or the sub menu. Then, click Vitals. 
From your Vitals Analytics page, you will see a performance and growth grid; every employee in your down line who has received a Vitals rating will be mapped here. Below the grid, you will see a row for every employee in your down line; for employees who have previously received Vitals ratings, their average scores will appear here. You can expand the drop down menu to view a history of all Vitals scores they've received and who gave them each score.  

You'll notice an edit icon next to each score.  You have the ability to edit any Vitals scores you have visibility into, including scores that were provided by others. We have enabled this feature to give maximum flexibility to our customers to decide how they update Vitals. 

If you edit someone else's score, an edit history will display under Details so that it's clear what the original score was and who edited it.  

To add a new Vitals score, click Snapshot for the employee you would like to update. This will take you to their employee Snapshot where you can view and update their Vitals.