How to Start a New 1-on-1

Please Note: The following instructions show managers and employees how to initiate 1-on-1 conversations. Click here for more  information on how Admins can initiate 1-on-1 conversations on behalf of their employees via 1-on-1 cycles.  

As an employee or manager, you can initiate a 1-on-1 with your manager or direct report from your 1-on-1s tab. Depending on your organization's settings, you may have the ability to initiate a 1-on-1 with anyone at your organization.

  1. Click "Start New 1-on-1" from the right corner of the 1-on-1s tab.
  2. Select with whom you would like to start a new 1-on-1. 
  3. Choose a template. 
  4. Click Create 1-on-1. The other person will be notified via email.