How to Request Feedback

Employees can request feedback from their colleagues at any time from their Feedback page.

As an employee, you can request feedback for yourself or on behalf of another person at any time from your Feedback home page. Click the New  Feedback button in the upper right corner and select Request Feedback to begin.

On the following screen, specify whether you are requesting feedback for yourself or on behalf of one of your direct reports. 

Next, click Create Your Questions to write your own questions to use for this feedback request or click Use a Template to select a pre-built question set. You can click on template in order to preview the questions included on it. 


Once you've selected your template or added your questions, click Next to advance. 


On the following screen, enter the names or email addresses of the coworkers you would like request feedback from under Select feedback providers. Or, if you would like to invite people from outside your company to provide feedback for you, enter in their email addresses. Under Report Title, you can choose to add a title for your request for your future reference. If you do not add a Report Title, the Feedback request will be titled with today's date. Add any context or instructions for your feedback providers under Feedback Provider Instructions and click Next

Note: You can request Feedback from people outside your company by entering their email addresses in the Select feedback providers field. 

Finally, review your request and click Send Feedback Request. The colleagues who you are requesting feedback from will receive an email notification inviting them to provide feedback for you. Please note that once you submit your feedback request, you will not be able to edit either the questions (template) that you are using or the Feedback Provider Instructions. 


Email Notifications

Your colleagues will receive one email inviting them to provide feedback for you once you click Send Feedback Request, and will receive up to three reminder emails reminding them to provide feedback for you. Any feedback provider who does not share their feedback will receive a reminder email one week after your initial request. If they still do not submit feedback, they will receive a second email notification two weeks, and then three weeks to the day after your initial request. 

Adding Feedback Providers

You can add additional colleagues as feedback providers after you've submitted your feedback request. Locate this feedback request in your Feedback Home page and click View Feedback to open it. 


Then, click Add Feedback Providers and type in the names of any additional colleagues you would like to invite to provide feedback.