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How Do I Extend a Feedback Session?

Admin users can extend the due date Feedback to give Feedback providers additional time to provide Feedback.

As an admin user, you can extend an individual feedback session if the cycle lock date has passed. To begin, open the Feedback session you would like to extend by clicking View Feedback from your Feedback Home Page. 

Then, click the Actions menu (the menu with the gear icon) from the top right corner and select Extend Feedback

From the pop-up that appears, click into the Extend To field to set the new due date for providing feedback. Note: the Feedback session will be extended to midnight (12:00am) Central Time on the date you select. If you want Feedback Providers to be able to provide feedback through the end of that day, select the following date. Then, click Save. 

This Feedback session will now be extended to midnight (12:00am) Central Time on that date.   Feedback providers will not be notified that you have extended the due date.