Engagement Survey Analytics


When you conduct an Engagement Survey using the Quantum Workplace Surveys & Pulses tool (Surveys 2.0), you will have unique Analytics specific to an Engagement Survey; these analytics will look visually different from the analytics for surveys you conduct on any other topic. These analytics are also different from the reporting you will see if you conducted your Engagement Survey on the original Engagement Survey platform. The primary difference between Engagement Survey Analytics and any other Survey Analytics is that your Engagement Survey Analytics will provide you with the High Impact items, the set of items on your survey that had the biggest impact on overall engagement in your organization. Your Overview report will also showcase different data than in other Survey Analytics. 


Overview Report

The Overview report is the first page you will see within Engagement Survey Analytics. The top of the Overview Report displays the Favorability and Response Rate for the Engagement Survey. Your Favorability refers to the percentage of Strongly Agree and Agree responses on the survey (out of all responses to all items.) Response Rate refers to the percentage of employees who submitted the survey out of the number of employees who were invited to take the survey.  Read more: What is a Good Response Rate? 

Next to the Favorability and Response Rate for this survey, you may see a comparison data point that represents the difference between the Favorability and/or Response Report for the Engagement Survey that you're currently viewing compared to a previous survey. Alternately, you might see a comparison to the average Engagement Survey Favorability for other organizations in your industry or for organizations that are roughly the same size as yours. 

We refer to comparisons to average results in your industry or for organizations with a similar headcount to your own as "benchmarks." You can click the Compared To drop down and select your industry or sub-industry to view the overall favorability for your industry or sub-industry.

High Impact Items

Directly below your Favorability and Response Rate you will see your High Impact items for this Engagement survey. Your High Impact items are the 10 items on your survey that had the biggest impact on overall engagement in your organization. We calculate these items by performing a correlation analysis between the majority of the survey items and the Engagement Outcome items on the survey that directly measure your employees' engagement. We recommend that both the organization overall and the individual teams identify 2-3 High Impact items to focus on for their survey follow-up efforts. 


The remaining reports in the survey (e.g. the Results, Comments, Categories, Heat Map, and Response Rate reports) all function the same for an Engagement Survey as they do for any other Survey Analytics. Learn more about how to use these reports here. Similarly, Highlights are available for the Engagement Survey Analytics just like they are for any other survey.