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How to Change the Status of a 1-on-1

Admins can give employees and managers the opportunity to edit their responses to a finalized 1-on-1 by changing their status to "Started".

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1-on-1 participants can not edit their responses or comments to a 1-on-1 once they have finalized without an admin user stepping in. 

Once an admin user changes the status of the 1-on-1, the participants can then edit their responses and comments. 

To allow either participant to update their responses, the admin must change the status from Finalized to Started.

To allow either participant to add comments to any of the responses, the admin must change the status from Finalized to Shared.

If the given 1-on-1 is part of a cycle that has already passed the cycle end date and closed, the 1-on-1 needs to be extended with a future cycle lock date before the status can be changed. 

How to Change the Status of a 1-on-1

To change the status of a user in a 1-on-1: 

  1. For the given 1-on-1 participant, click the corresponding icon
  2. Click Admin: Change Status
  3. In the drop-down that appears, select the updated status
  4. Click Change

If the user needs to change their original response, select the Started status to give them a chance to respond again with a blank slate. 

If the user only needs to add comments to their original response, it's recommended to change their status to Shared. 


The user receives an email and in-app notification with their updated 1-on-1 status. 

How to Extend a 1-on-1

Extend a 1-on-1 Instance

To extend an incomplete 1-on-1 instance that has passed the cycle's close date: 

  1. If the given 1-on-1 is incomplete and has passed the cycle end date, click Extend 1-on-1 in the banner notification 
  2. In the Extend 1-on-1 modal, select when the new cycle end date should be
  3. Click Save

Note: Notifications about the new end date are not sent to participants.

Extend a 1-on-1 Cycle

To extend the date when the cycle locks for a 1-on-1 cycle: 

  1. Click and expand Administration in the left-hand navigation menu 
  2. Click 1-on-1s
  3. Click either the Single Cycles or Automated Cycles card
  4. Select the 1-on-1 to extend
  5. Click and expand step 3, Set Schedule & Milestones
  6. Click and select the new close date for Cycle Locks 
  7. Click Save Changes