August 25, 2021 Release Notes

Excited to announce the new Microsoft Teams integration and the new "My Engagement" report.

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Microsoft Teams Integration

Quantum Workplace works where your users work.

Now more than ever, communication and participation are critical to your success. Get the most value out of your subscription with the new Microsoft Teams integration. Increase response rates and receive quicker replies from users.

The Microsoft Teams integration delivers timely notifications for:

  • Surveys
  • Recognitions
  • Goals
  • Feedback
  • 1-on-1s


To learn more about the Microsoft Teams Integration, click here to visit our help library. If you are interested in joining the Microsoft Teams integration beta, contact your Customer Success Manager.

My Engagement (ME) Report

Me Report

Help every employee drive engagement with the new My Engagement (ME) Report. The ME report gives employees real-time feedback on their engagement survey. They can easily:  

  • Identify what categories they rated the highest and the lowest
  • Get tips to improve engagement
  • Understand โ€œWhat happens nextโ€ with their feedback

To really move the needle on employee engagement, every employee needs to be empowered to act. The ME report does that!  

Contact your CSM to enable and utilize the ME report. 

Read more about the My Engagement Report here!

๐Ÿ“„  Check out the PDF Example ๐Ÿ“„


Customized Survey: Now add your company logo!

Survey Logo

Help drive employee response rates by including your company branding on all surveys. Now your company logo will be included in the survey-taking experience to give employees confidence and trust in who is asking for their feedback and who will be receiving their feedback. This self-service capability allows you to upload your company logo to the survey.

Want to add your company logo to survey invitations? Contact your CSM.

Learn more about how to add your company logo


Feedback Reminders: We are now batching all feedback reminders to reduce the clutter in your email box. You will only receive one email instead of one email for each outstanding feedback request. - Woohoo!