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Why you should Launch a Pulse Survey during the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began to have a major impact on organizations' day to day operations, many of the organizations we work with were quick to act. They recognized that it was critical to listen to their employees and asked for Quantum Workplace’s assistance. We developed our Remote Work Readiness Pulse Survey and Emergency/Crisis-Management Pulse Survey to help organizations collect feedback on the most critical topics that can help them navigate forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recommend launching one of these surveys or one combined survey that includes questions about both of these topics now, especially if your annual employee engagement survey is still months away. Asking for feedback not only demonstrates that you care about your employees, but provides real-time insights to help you make adjustments and navigate your business through this period of uncertainty. We recommend keeping these surveys short (limiting your survey to 10 questions or fewer is ideal), and only keeping them open for 3-5 business days at a time. We also recommend re-launching these surveys every few weeks so that you can capture employee feedback as the situation evolves.

For more information, check out our COVID-19 Pulse Surveys FAQs and the COVID-19 Pulse Communication Guide. 

Ready to launch your COVID-19 Pulse Survey? Contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.