Why Can't My Manager See Their Results?

Managers may see a message that they have received "Insufficient Responses" to view their data, or that their data has been "Restricted for Confidentiality"

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Minimum Response

For managers, or anyone with analytics access, to view their team's responses, they need to achieve the Minimum Response Threshold

When creating a non-confidential survey, you can configure the number of responses required to show results. 

Insufficient Responses

Team Responses

For a manager to view their team's responses, enough of your team must complete the survey to meet the minimum response count. To protect confidentiality, if the minimum response is not met, the team's results are not visible. 

Depending on the access settings for the survey, if your team did not meet the minimum count, you can view the results for an upline manager. Learn more about survey access settings.

Active Filters & Slices

Survey results can also be hidden if you have active slices and/or filters that exclude too many users.

If the number of users actively represented in the analytics is fewer than the count established as the Minimum Response Count, results are kept hidden to protect confidentiality.