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Why Can't My Manager See Their Results?

Your managers may see a message that they have received "Insufficient Responses" to view their data, or that their data has been "Restricted for Confidentiality"

Insufficient Responses

In order for your managers (or anyone) to view their team's responses, they need to have a minimum of 5 people in their down line respond to the survey. Even if an individual manager has 10 employees in their down line or team, if 4 or fewer employees take the survey, they won't be able to see data for their team. 

The same rule of 5 or more respondents applies to every view of the data within the survey. So, if you add a slice or filter to a report that yields fewer than 5 responses, you'll see a message that there are insufficient responses.

Please Note: If you see the "insufficient responses" message unexpectedly, double check that you do not have a slice or filter applied accidentally. Make sure Slice By is set to No Slice and click the Clear button under Filters in order to remove your slices/ filters.

Restricted for Confidentiality

As of Fall 2019, your managers may also see a message that data has been "Restricted for Confidentiality" when they apply a slice/filter. This means a slice has been obscured to better protect an individual's confidentiality.