How to Control Who Can Use Feedback Templates

Admin users can determine whether a Feedback Template should be available for employees to use via the Request Feedback and Give Feedback features. Admins can restrict which specific users should have access to a Feedback template.

How to Remove a Template from Request Feedback
How to Add a Template to Give Feedback
How to Limit Who can Utilize a Template


As an Admin, you can control who is able to use any Feedback template. You can determine these settings when you create  or edit a template via the Can be used by and Can be launched by settings located in panel to the right of the questions on the template. 

Note: Enabling a template for User-Initiated Feedback or Give Feedback requires the corresponding permission enabled for the company. This can be set on the main Feedback Administration page.


How to Remove a Template from Request Feedback

By default, Feedback templates are available for both Admins to use for Feedback cycles and for employees to utilize themselves via the Request Feedback feature. You can edit and view these settings for each template by clicking the arrow next to Can be launched by. 

To remove the ability for employees to use a template for Request Feedback, uncheck the box next to User-Initiated Feedback and click Save.

How to Make a Template Available for Give Feedback

You can also edit the Can be launched by settings to specify that employees should be able to use a template when giving feedback to their colleagues via the Give Feedback feature. To make the template available for employees to use via Give Feedback, check the box next to Give Feedback and click Save

Note: Only templates that do not include Feedback Groups can be made available for Give Feedback.

How to Limit Who Can Utilize a Template

If you want to make a template available to some, but not all, employees to use via Request Feedback or Give Feedback, you can further restrict which employees will be able to utilize this template via the Can be used by setting. 

If a template is available for employees to use via either Request Feedback, Give Feedback, or both, the default is for this template to be available for Any User. You can specify which departments should be able to utilize this template by checking the box next to Specific Departments.  List the departments that should have access and click Save

Similarly, you can limit the template to only be accessible to managers by checking the box next to Any Manager and clicking Save

By editing these settings, you are controlling which users will see this template as an option to choose from when they Request Feedback or Give Feedback:

Importantly, these users can still invite colleagues who do not have the option to utilize this template for themselves to be Feedback Providers. That is, if you specify that a template can only be used by managers, any manager can still invite individual contributors to provide feedback for them using this template.