Which High-Impact Questions should we focus on?

Quantum Workplace recommends every team at your organization pick 2-3 high-impact questions

Selecting which of the high-impact questions to focus on depends on your organization's desired outcome. 

High-Impact questions with lower levels of favorability are an opportunity to enhance because an increase in the favorability of these lower-favored high-impact questions has a high probability of increasing overall engagement. 

On the other hand, highly-favored high-impact questions are cultural strengths. Your organization should also strive to maintain these favored high-impact questions. Because these questions are important to your employees, a decrease in favorability for historically high-favored questions year over year is likely to decrease overall engagement. 

It's important to note that high-impact questions likely have different levels of favorability across teams, departments, divisions, and locations. For example, even among the same high-impact questions, some may be strengths for certain groups within the organization and opportunities for other groups.