What is a 1-on-1?

A 1-on-1 refers to any performance-focused conversation between two employees (typically a manager and direct report) that can range from lightweight check-in to a more formal performance review. Our 1-on-1 feature allows any two employees to respond separately to specific prompts, review the other person's responses, and then meet to discuss in person. Our 1-on-1 tool equips employees and managers effectively prepare for an in-person conversation in order to maximize their time together.

Use Cases for 1-on-1s

1-on-1s can facilitate key conversations between managers and direct reports throughout the year. 

  • Quarterly Goal Progress Check-ins
    • Align on progress against goals and identify any obstacles causing employees to fall behind on goals
  • Monthly Check-ins
    • Stay in tune with life events, general progression of performance/development goals, feedback on projects, questions employees have, etc.
  • Annual Goal Setting
    • Meet to discuss performance and developmental goals before finalizing them