Talent Review Reminders

Talent Review Reminders

Talent Reviews is most powerful as a tool when your managers review their employees regularly.  As an Admin, you can encourage managers and other people leaders to answer the three  Talent Review questions for their employees on a regular basis using reminders. Enabling reminders allows you to specify a cadence for everyone in your organization to provide Talent Reviews for their employees. 

From Talent Reviews Admin, click the Reminders tab. Under Manage Reminders, select a cadence (60, 90, or 180 days) after which your managers will be reminded to update their employees' Talent Reviews. Our recommendation is to set the cadence to 90 days; ideally, Talent Reviews should be updated once per quarter. 

Once you select the cadence you would like to use, a dialogue box will appear. Click Yes, Enable Reminders to continue. Once you enable reminders, any managers who have direct reports with Talent Review ratings older than 60, 90, or 180 days will receive an email prompting them to update Talent Reviews for those employees. 

Going forward, your managers will see an in-tool bell notification and receive an email notification when the predetermined number of days have elapsed without updating their direct reports' Talent Reviews ; both the email and the bell notification contain a direct link the manager can use to update Talent Reviews. In addition, beginning 7 days before the reminder email is scheduled to be sent out, managers will see a notice that their employees' Talent Reviews  will need to be updated soon via the employee's Snapshot. 

Note: If you turn on reminders, every manager will receive a reminder to update Talent Reviews for all of their direct reports after the predetermined number of days have passed, regardless of whether their direct reports have been the subject of a Talent Reviews review before. We recommend only enabling Talent Review Reminders if you are comfortable with all managers receiving reminders to update Talent Reviews for each of their direct reports.