Validating Survey Access via Easy Impersonation


  • Easy Impersonation
  • User Management
  • Process

Easy Impersonation

Quickly and easily impersonate other users in your Engagement account.  This makes it easy to check the access across users in the company, however, we recommend some up front planning in cases where you want to check results before they’re live.  Also, this feature isn’t turned on automatically for everyone, so ask your Client Success Manager for more details. 

User Management

Once you have Easy Impersonation turned on for your account, you can log in as any user in your organization.  Using this feature in conjunction with User Management will help make sure nobody gets access to results before you’ve had a chance to review.


Step 1: Deactivate all users’ access.

Our team can deactivate all user’s access by placing them into a Role that is inactive.

Step 2: Select a few users to test.

Identify which users you want to test before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Utilize the User Management tool to switch those users to their correct Role.

The users are now active and can log in, and since you’re only activating a few, this greatly reduces the chance they’ll gain unauthorized early access.

Step 4: Use Easy Impersonate to verify their access is correct.

Step 5: Utilize the User Management tool to switch the users back to the inactive Role.

Step 6: Once your testing is complete, our team can then place users into their correct Role with the correct Active Date.