User Access FAQs

How do we set reporting access?

In your reporting site we will set up an  organization structure. This will be how we limit managers’ access to only see the reports that pertain to their part of the organization. Most often we see manager hierarchy, division/department hierarchy, or a single list of regions. As long as you have a demographic that identifies which employees fall into which group, we can build your organization structure.

Who will receive access to reports?

We can set up just you and your HR team, your executive team, or we can set up all managers in your organization. It is entirely up to you. Once we know the organization structure you would like to use, we will set up a template for you to review user access.

What reports and filters will users have access to?

We can limit the reports, filters and benchmarks that users have access. You can select any combination of  reportsfilters, and benchmarks, and you can vary across users. Often times HR will receive access to everything, but managers may only receive access to OverviewCategoriesItems, and Commitment Planning.

Can we roll out reporting access in waves?

Yes, we can roll it out to all users at once, or in waves.

Who is responsible for Commitment Planning?

Our Commitment Planning is collaborative. So you can set up multiple users to be responsible for one commitment plan. This is helpful when you have a division or department that is shared across multiple leaders. Click here to see the different Commitment Plan roles.

How do we help managers follow through on Commitment Plans?

We can set up our manager DRIVE email campaign that will automatically send users emails about their commitment plans. Click here for details.