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Usage Report

The usage report provides Administrators with data on the number of times any given user has completed certain actions in Quantum Workplace.

How to Run a Report
Viewing Usage Data


Admin users and managers are able to view the Usage Report to see usage data for their administration scope or downline. For Admins, the Usage Report displays organization-wide data on the frequency in which users throughout your organization perform key actions in Quantum Workplace. For Focused Admins, the Usage Report will display usage data for every user in your administration scope. Managers will be able to see usage data for every user in their downline. 

How to Run a Report

Admins, Focused Admins, and managers can all access the Usage Report by clicking on Usage below Analytics in the left navigation menu:

This will take you to the Usage Report. Click Generate Report to view a table with data for every user you have visibility into. 

Alternatively, you can use the filter functionality on the left to specify which users you would like to view usage data for and/or the time frame for which you would like to use usage data:

  • You can view usage data for particular users only by typing in the names of the employees you would like to view usage data for below Filter by User and then clicking Generate Report. 

  • You can Filter by Date to only include usage data from a specific time frame in the report. 
  • You can search for usage data for all users within a specific demographic group (e.g. department) by entering the demographic you would like to view usage for into the Filter by User Attribute function and then clicking Generate Report. 

Viewing Usage Data

Within your report, every user who meets the criteria you filtered by will appear as their own row in the report. Each column represents a specific action within Quantum Workplace; actions are grouped by module within Quantum Workplace (e.g. Goals) . For every user, you will see the number of times they have performed that specific action.  

The following columns of data are included in the report: 


Owned: Number of goals that this user owns
New: The number of goals that this user has either created or has been added to during this time frame
Closed:  The number of goals this user is associated with that have been closed
Posts: The number of posts this user made that updated any goal (regardless of whether they own that goal or contribute to it)


Received: Number of times this user received recognition

Given: Number of times the user gave recognition.  This does not count the unique number of recipients, just the number of recognition posts


Employee: The number of 1-on-1s that were launched with this user as the employee

Facilitator: The number of 1-on-1sthat were launched with this user as the facilitator

Shared: The number of times that this user shared their responses to a 1-on-1.


Received: The number of times this user has received feedback (has been the recipient of feedback). 

The number of times the user shared feedback

Invited: The number of times the user was invited to share feedback

Opt Out: The number of times the user opted out of sharing feedback

You can click Export to Excel to download an Excel spreadsheet that contains this same data set in addition to the demographics associated with each of your users.