Trend Over Time

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Automated surveys continuously gather large amounts of information over extended periods of time. Trend Over Time allows you to make sense of your survey results by grouping them according to the month or quarter they were collected. 

By tracking certain survey questions over time, you can reliably identify strengths or areas of opportunity within your organization and strategize how to address any shortcomings. Additionally, Trend Over Time can be used to gauge the effectiveness of a strategy by observing how results change over time. 

This feature can be enabled in the Results, Comments, Categories, Heat Map and Response Rate tabs.

Please note, this feature is only available to Automated, New Hire and Exit Surveys. 

Enabling Trend Over Time

To enable Trend Over Time, navigate to your Surveys page. Click the icon for the specified automated survey and click Analytics. 


In the top-right, click the Trend Over button to expand a drop-down. Select either Month or Quarter to visualize the survey data accordingly. To disable Trend Over Time, click Remove Trend in the same drop-down menu. 


In this example, you'll now notice that the results are visualized according to the Quarter they were collected. This applies to not only your overall results but also to the individual questions. 


Each visualization is also interactive. For more information, hover your mouse over a data point to display its exact value and the number of participants that answered the question within the time frame. 


Once you have enabled Trend Over Time in one tab, it will remain active as you navigate through different tabs. Simply click the Trend Over button, then Remove Trend to return to the default visualization. 

Trend Over Time Insights

In the Results tab, you can also use Insights to add any key insights and save them to your Action Plan for later. 

To add an Insight, click the Insight Ribbon next to a survey item.

insight 1

In the Insights window that appears, enter your description and click Create to save your insight. 

insight 2

Exporting to PDF or Excel

While Trend Over Time is enabled, you can export your survey data as a PDF or to Excel to include Trend Over Time data. 

export 1

From the Export drop-down options, select the option that exports the desired report in the desired format. 

export option-dropdown