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Understanding Question Trending

For templates that are already in use, the edits you make will impact whether you will have trending data for any individual question. Here are the basic rules for updating templates:

  1. Updating help text, changing the required/not required setting, or changing the minimum/maximum number of possible responses for multi-choice questions will not break trending.
  2. Changing the text or scale of a question and clicking "save" will prompt a dialog warning that the change will break trending. This is done to preserve the integrity of the data already collected using the old text.
  3. If a change is being made to a question that (a) is only used on the current template and (b) has been used before, a dialog will prompt that the change will break trending. In this specific case, the old question will be disabled and the new version displayed below it. This will only disable the question for the template being edited. See below: