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Understanding Quantum Workplace's Engagement Survey Model

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Employee engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward the organization that they work for, their team, and their work. 

How does Quantum Workplace Measure Engagement?

Quantum Workplace's engagement survey contains two types of items: 

  • Engagement Outcomes: the core of how employee engagement is measured. They help reveal the current state of employee engagement within organizations. Outcomes are not actionable as they are the targets the organization should strive to maintain or enhance.
  • Engagement Impact Survey Items: help identify what can be done to positively influence employee engagement. These items provide the actions that can be taken to maintain or enhance the Engagement Outcomes.

Engagement Outcomes

Quantum Workplace's model of engagement measurement focuses on three factors, each containing three engagement outcomes.


Work Engagement

Answers the question: How connected am I to my work?

Quantum Workplace examines how employees feel about their individual tasks, looking at areas like motivation and immersion.

  • Inspiration: I am inspired by the work we do.
  • Immersion: I find my work engaging.
  • Motivation: My work motivates me.

Team Engagement

Answers the question: How connected am I to my immediate coworkers?

Quantum Workplace looks at how employees use their discretionary effort or to what extent they feel part of their team.

  • Discretionary Effort: My immediate coworkers consistently go the extra mile to achieve great results.
  • Commitment: My immediate coworkers are committed to this organization’s overall goals.
  • Acceptance: I feel accepted by my immediate coworkers.

Organizational Engagement

Answers the question: How connected am I to the organization as a whole?

Quantum Workplace asks questions measuring things like advocacy and pride, diving deep into what makes an employee committed to an organization.

  • Advocacy: I recommend this organization as a great place to work.
  • Pride: I am proud to work here.
  • Intent to Stay: It would take a lot to get me to leave this organization.

Engagement Impact Survey Items

Engagement Impact Survey Items help identify, at an organization, team, and job level- what can be done to affect the outcomes. 

Quantum Workplace's recommended categories for Engagement Impact Survey Items: 

  • Career Growth & Development
  • Communication & Resources
  • Future Outlook
  • Individual Needs
  • Manager Effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics
  • Trust in Leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusion