Tips for Successful Tool Adoption

Leadership Involvement

If leaders are not actively participating in the discussions with your platform,  it could potentially send an indirect message that the behaviors and tools are not valued, especially if the leadership team is ‘too busy’.  Encourage your Leadership Team to be involved in the discussion and acknowledge the stories being shared. Strive for the right behavior by leading the way. 

Tip: Set a weekly calendar reminder for yourself to recognize some of the great work from the week!

Find Your Champions

Identify a group of employees that are excited about the new tools.  Leverage their actions to build momentum with other team members! Encourage them to share feedback from peers on how to create the visibility. 

Tip: Find champions in all areas of the organization.

Monthly Spotlight

Encourage Leaders to share some of the posts that they appreciate. They could spotlight posts for multiple reasons – high impact, above and beyond effort, or even if the leader would have no visibility if the post wasn’t public.  This could be during a team meeting or even in a team email.  The key here is that the monthly spotlights are genuine.

Tip: Mix it up! Encourage leaders to highlight all types of posts. 

Leverage Performance Communication Channels

We've built various forms of communication and notifications into the tool to pull people in at the right times. Are you using all of these?

  • Display the team’s recognition in a common area on a TV or Virtual Board that employees visit. The real time updates of Recognition allow employees to stay up to date on what recognition and appreciation is happening in the organization! 
  • Turn on weekly Goal Update emails. That way employees receive regular emails on what is happening within the tool.
  • Use @mentions to bring people back into the tool. You can mention people in posts and they will be notified via email.

Tip: Use the methods above that work best for your culture.

Make it a team competition

Have teams or departments compete against each other for the highest usage. The winner at the end of the month could get an organization sponsored pizza party or happy hour.

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