Understanding the PowerPoint Presentation Export

The Presentation Report 

All surveys on the Pulse platform with at least 1 scaled survey question will have a PowerPoint presentation available for users to download. If the survey does not contain at least 1 scaled survey question, the option to download the PowerPoint file will not be available. 

The report will contain slides that: define engagement*, speak to the survey’s favorability, response rate, High Impact Items*, Category favorability overall and by survey questions, as well as the most and least favorable questions for the survey. 

*These slides are only available for engagement pulses. 

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Filters & Team Select 

The filters and the organizational tree node active in the platform at the time of export will be represented within the report.  

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For engagement surveys on the pulse platform, the report will compare the favorability of the survey in question to your organization’s last, most recent engagement survey on the pulse platform that shares questions in common with the survey in question. If your organization does not have an engagement survey on the pulse platform with common questions, the report will set the favorability comparisons to the overall results of the company. 

For non-engagement surveys, favorability comparisons will be set to the overall results of the company. 


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