Understanding the PowerPoint Presentation Export

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In the Analytics for a survey, a PowerPoint export is available for surveys that included a minimum of one scaled survey question. 

The PowerPoint export contains slides that identify important aspects of the survey, including engagement*, High Impact questions*, overall and question favorability, etc.

*Slides are only available for Engagement Surveys.

Accessing the Results PowerPoint Report

To export and access the Results PowerPoint report:

  1. Click and expand the Analytics drop-down menu in the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click Surveys & Pulses from the drop-down menu
  3. Click the survey name to open the survey's analytics
  4. Click the Export button to expand the drop-down menu
  5. Click Results PowerPoint to begin the export
  6. Click the export file from your browser's download files

Filters & Team Select 

The Results PowerPoint export reflects the team view and any active filters at the time of the export.

For example, the following image displays the PowerPoint export for:

  • Team: Boston
  • Filters: Department: Finance and Department: HR


PowerPoint exports for Engagement Surveys compare favorability for the current survey against the previous Engagement Survey that shares common questions. 

If an Engagement Survey does not carry over the same questions from the previous survey, the report will compare favorability against the organization's overall results. 

Non-Engagement Surveys compare favorability against an organization's overall results. 

When viewing the PowerPoint comparisons:

  • Favorability Column: Displays the favorability for the selected team and active filters
  • Overall Column: Displays the favorability for the entire organization