The Benefits of Using Quantum Workplace's Best Practice Engagement Survey

Quantum Workplace has been measuring employee engagement for over 20 years.

Collecting and studying responses to survey items from over one million voices annually allow us to design a survey that is effective, relevant, and helps organizations take meaningful action to strengthen employee engagement.

In addition to benefiting from Quantum Workplace's research-backed survey, you’ll benefit from these features when using our recommended employee engagement survey:
  • Benchmarks that allow you to compare your survey feedback with similar
  • The My Engagement Report, a personalized report survey-takers immediately
    receive after taking an engagement survey with personalized suggestions
  • The Action Library, a collection of action plans that teams can adopt or draw inspiration from
  • Predictive analytics tools, such as Flight Risk, a tool that detects patterns of
    responses in your engagement survey to predict employee turnover
  • Eligibility to enter Best Places to Work, an employer-of-choice contest
    powered by Quantum Workplace
  • Helpful resources chalked full of our guidance and expertise

You can still enjoy many benefits above if you choose to slightly customize your survey, such as adding or editing a few survey items.

However, moving toward a fully customized survey may disable some of the benefits above.