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How to Take Action on your COVID-19 Pulse Survey

1) Take quick action by focusing on the biggest trends. 

You need to take quick action to respond to the biggest issues raised in your Pulse; you don't have time to over-analyze your data. Look for overarching themes and identify low-hanging fruit that your organization can solve quickly (e.g. offer more frequent communications, implement video conference technology, etc.). 

2) Acknowledge and empathize with your employees' realities. 

You won't be able to solve all of your employees' problems, but you can show that you understand and care. 

3) Give managers visibility into their team's responses. 

By giving your managers visibility into the unique experiences and challenges that their team is facing, you are empowering managers to help their team members flex, work together, and feel supported.

4) Re-Survey.

Your employees’ feelings and experiences won’t be static over time. Some employees may “settle in” to working from home, whereas others might grow more anxious about their situation. Launch additional Pulse Surveys so that you can monitor trends and continue to take action.