Survey Text Messaging

Reach your audience and improve survey completion rates with Survey Text Messaging.

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About SMS Survey Invitations & Reminders

Survey Text Messaging helps you reach your audience by sending text message survey invitations and reminders to a participant's mobile phone. Survey participants can also receive a survey link via a text message to complete the survey on their mobile phones. 

The rest of this document outlines how to set up text message survey invitations and reminders, as well as best practices for conducting text-message-enabled surveys.

Survey Text Messaging: 

  • Is not included in the standard Quantum Workplace license
  • Is only available within the United States for US-based mobile numbers
  • Requires consent from employees to receive messages
  • Requires the employees to have accounts in the Quantum Workplace platform

SMS Pricing

Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details on pricing. 

Providing and Removing Mobile Numbers

There are two ways for organizations to obtain consented mobile numbers: 

  • Via HRIS Integrations: There are two options to obtain consenting mobile numbers with an HRIS
    • Option 1: The organization provides the mobile numbers for all users, excluding those who have not given consent to receive text messages from their employer
    • Option 2: The organization provides the mobile number and SMS consent flag; when the HRIS checks the consent flag, users who did not consent will have their mobile numbers removed from Quantum Workplace, even if the number is provided in the HRIS data
      • This option is ideal for organizations that can't remove mobile numbers for non-consenting users
      • Organizations with a partner integration, i.e. ADP, Paychex, etc.  typically use this option as it's easier to filter a mobile number out, rather than delete a mobile number from the HRIS system 
      • Note: the SMS consent flag in the integration file is not the SMS consent field in Quantum Workplace- the integration flag is only used to communicate which mobile numbers to clear from the Quantum Workplace platform
      • Note: the SMS consent field in Quantum Workplace only indicates if the user ever texted START or STOP to the organization's sending phone number, in other words, it only displays whether the user consented or not
  • Via non-HRIS flat files: Ensures users who do not consent have their mobile numbers removed from the file

You should only include mobile numbers that your organization has consent to text. 

If a user shouldn't receive survey invitations or reminders via SMS messaging, exclude their mobile number from the demographic file or HRIS integration. 

Please note:

  • Any US-based mobile numbers provided will be eligible for Survey Text Messaging
  • Non-US-based mobile numbers cannot be loaded into the Quantum Workplace platform

User Management

Navigate to the Users Management page by clicking Users in the Administration drop-down in the left-hand navigation menu.  

The Users Management page has two fields, Mobile Phone Number and Text Message Consent for each user. These fields are read-only and cannot be edited from the page. Mobile numbers can only be edited by updating the number via a manual bulk demographic import or your organization's automated HRIS integration. 

Only the user, as the owner of the mobile number, can edit the Text Message Consent field by opting into Survey Text Messaging or opting out. To re-enroll, the employee has to text Start to your organization's Survey Text Messages mobile number.

Historial Opt-Outs

If a mobile number has previously opted out of SMS notifications from your organization, do not include their mobile number in your demographic file or HRIS integration. Users who have opted out, at any time, will have to text Start to your organization's Survey Text Messages phone number to re-enroll. 

Distributing Survey Notifications via SMS

To enable Survey Text Messaging for your survey, contact your Customer Success Manager. Your Quantum Workplace license must include Survey Text Messaging.


SMS Eligibility

SMS survey invitations and reminders can only be distributed to employees with Quantum Workplace accounts.

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If a participant is invited via checking the Manually Invited Participants and/or Public Link, they are not eligible for SMS survey invitations or reminders.


SMS Delivery Channels 

Surveys with SMS messages enabled can be distributed via the following options under Notification Method: 

  • Email OR text message: Quantum Workplace's recommended best practice. Survey participants with a mobile number will only be sent a text message if they are not being sent an email, Slack or Microsoft Teams notification. 
  • Email AND text message: All invited survey participants with a mobile number in the Quantum Workplace platform will receive both invitations and reminders via email and text message for that survey. 


Invitation & Reminder Message Content

Quantum Workplace provides users with standard formats for SMS message invitations and reminder content. 

Bolded items indicate system variables that vary per organization, survey and survey participant. To ensure legal compliance and consistent message delivery, the content of the messages are not customizable. Messages are targeted to be 160 characters or less and distributed as a single text message. 

Initial Welcome Message

For their first SMS invitation, participants will receive a one-time welcome SMS message from Survey Text Messaging along with their survey invitation message:

Welcome to Survey Messages from [OrgName], powered by Quantum Workplace. Msg & Data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help or STOP to end.

Your input is important to [OrgName]. Take our survey by [mm/dd/yy] to share your thoughts. []

Invitation Message

This message formally invites your survey participants to take part in your survey:

Your input is important to [Demo Company]. Take our survey by [mm/dd/yy] to share your thoughts. []
Reply STOP to end.

Reminder Text Message(s)

Each survey reminder uses the following format: 

Don't forget to complete your [Demo Company] survey by [mm/dd/yy]. [] 
Reply STOP to end. 

Quantum Workplace users with Spanish as their default language will receive their invitation and reminder texts in Spanish.


For SMS-enabled surveys, be aware of the date and time of your survey invitations and reminders.  For organizations with survey participants across time zones, consider the time of day each of your participants receives their SMS messages. 

For Single surveys, Quantum Workplace recommends setting your invitation and reminder(s) for 2:00 p.m. EST to account for business hours across all time zones.

For Automated surveys,  survey invitations and reminders are, by default, sent out at 2:00 p.m. in the survey creator's time zone, unless modified.  

Opting Out & In of Text Messages by Quantum Workplace

Survey participants can opt out of survey invitations and reminders at any time by replying STOP to any message sent from Survey Messages by QW. 

If a user communicates to you or your organization that they would like to opt-out of Survey Text Messages, remove their mobile number from the Quantum Workplace platform. 

When opting out, users will not receive any future SMS message invitations or reminders from Text Messages by Quantum Workplace. To re-enroll, users must text, Start,  to their organization's Survey Messages number. 

Administrators can find their organization's number by navigating to General Settings under Administration in the left-hand navigation menu. If your organization has a Twilio configuration, you'll see the Survey Text Messages card in your General Settings. 

general settings card v2

Legal Requirements

Survey Text Messaging is a powerful tool for collecting feedback and accordingly, there are legal requirements surrounding the use of text messages by organizations to contact individuals. 

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates any means "to communicate with or try to get into communication with a person by telephone." This regulation is specific to the United States.

To learn more about the TCPA, see the TCPA Rules Document. More information is also available in our SMS Terms of Service

Required Information

To start collecting employee feedback via Survey Text Messages, contact your Customer Success Manager with the following information ready:

  • Your Legal Business Name 
  • Your Business Address 
  • How do end-users consent to receive messages? (40-2048 characters)
  • Company Type
    • Private
    • Public
    • US Non-Profit
    • US Government
  • Business Type 
    • Sole Proprietorship 
    • Partnership 
    • Corporation 
    • Co-operative 
    • Limited Liability Corporation 
    • Non-Profit Corporation 
  • Business Industry 
    • Automotive 
    • Agriculture 
    • Banking 
    • Construction 
    • Consumer 
    • Education 
    • Electronics 
    • Engineering 
    • Energy 
    • Oil & Gas 
    • Fast-moving consumer goods 
    • Financial 
    • Fintech 
    • Food & Beverage
    • Government 
    • Healthcare 
    • Hospitality 
    • Insurance 
    • Legal 
    • Manufacturing 
    • Media 
    • Online 
    • Professional Services 
    • Raw Materials 
    • Real Estate 
    • Religion 
    • Retail 
    • Jewelry 
    • Technology 
    • Telecommunication 
    • Transportation 
    • Travel 
    • Not for Profit 
  • EIN Tax ID 
  • Business Regions of Operations 
    • Africa 
    • Asia 
    • Europe 
    • Latin America 
    • USA & Canada 
  • Company Website URL 

If your organization is a publicly-traded company, the following is also required: 

  • Company Stock Ticker Symbol 
  • The Stock Exchange your organization is a part of:
    • AMEX: American Stock Exchange
    • AMX: Armenia Securities Exchange
    • ASX: Australian Securities Exchange
    • B3: Brazil Stock Exchange
    • BME: Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles
    • BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange
    • FRA: Frankfurt Stock Exchange
    • ICEX: Indian Commodity Exchange
    • JPX: Japan Exchange Group
    • JSE: Jamaica Stock Exchange
    • KRX: Korea Exchange
    • LON: London Stock Exchange
    • NASDAQ
    • NSE: National Stock Exchange of India Ltd
    • NYSE: New York Stock Exchange
    • OMX: NASDAQ Stockholm
    • SEHK: Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
    • SGX: Singapore Exchange Limited
    • SSE: Shanghai Stock Exchange
    • STO: Stockholm Stock Exchange
    • SWX: Swiss Stock Exchange
    • SZSE: Shenzhen Stock Exchange
    • TSX: Toronto Stock Exchange
    • TWSE: Taiwan Stock Exchange
    • VSE: Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited
    • None
    • Other

Quantum Workplace will use the provided information to register you for Survey Text Messaging with our partner Twilio to enable the text messaging functionality for your QW account.

This process can take two to three weeks. Providing your Customer Success Manager with the correct information can expedite the process. 


To add Survey Text Messaging to your QW license or for help enabling Survey Text messaging for a survey, contact your CSM.