How to Use the Smart Booster

Within a 1-on-1, the Smart Booster displays an employee's recent Goals and Feedback activity.

What is the Smart Booster? 

The Smart Booster is an element of a 1-on-1 that displays an employee's recent Goals and Feedback activity for both the employee and the manager's reference. Employees and managers can both reference the Smart Booster while preparing for a 1-on-1 to build their agendas.  Smart Boosters are automatically enabled for any users who have 1-on-1s and either Goals or Feedback enabled.

The Smart Booster only displays Goal and Feedback updates that have taken place since the last 1-on-1 occurred, which helps managers easily discern items that might be important to discuss in their upcoming 1-on-1.  Specifically, the Smart Booster displays any Goals that have been created or updated since the last 1-on-1 and any Feedback an employee has received since the last 1-on-1.  

How to Use the Smart Booster

When an employee or manager initiates a 1-on-1 (e.g., when a 1-on-1 is user-initiated rather than Admin-initiated), the Smart Booster appears automatically to both participants the first time that they open the 1-on-1.  Managers and employees both have the option to select any of the Goals or Feedback sessions to add as an agenda item for their 1-on-1:

If either the manager or the employee adds activity from the Smart Booster to the 1-on-1, both will be able to see that the item(s) have been added to their 1-on-1: 

For Admin-initiated cycles, the Smart Booster will not appear automatically. Instead, employees and/or managers will be able to click the Conversation Boosters menu in the bottom left corner of their 1-on-1 in order to access the Smart Booster. The Smart Booster is accessible from this location for all open 1-on-1s.