Why Can't I Slice or Filter my Data?

Within Pulse Analytics, you may see the message that demographics are not available when you attempt to slice or filter your data: 

If you see this message when attempting to slice or filter your survey data, it means that there is no demographic data available within Quantum Workplace for the individuals who participated in the survey. This may be because you invited people outside your company to participate in the survey or because you did not add demographic data into Quantum Workplace for your employees before you invited them to the survey. 

Note: You must update Quantum Workplace to include demographic data for your employees BEFORE launching a  Survey in order to view demographic data for that Survey.  

In order to filter or slice your data for future Pulse surveys, you must either add demographic information for your employees within Quantum Workplace before inviting them to take a Pulse Survey or include demographic questions on your survey. Demographic questions allow you to ask survey respondents to self-identify as belonging to a certain demographic. You will be able to slice/filter your data for a particular Pulse by the responses to any demographic question you have included in that Pulse.