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Slack Integration



In order to install the Slack integration, you must: 

  1. Be either an Administrator of Quantum Workplace or receive the link to install Slack from a Quantum Workplace Administrator.
  2. Be authorized to install an app in your Slack Workspace. (Depending on your Workspace permissions, you may need to be an Admin of Slack to do this).

How to Install

  1. Navigate to the Integrations section in Administration.
  2. Click on the Slack card. 
  3. Click Add to Slack to log in to your Slack Workspace.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to sign into your Slack Workspace.
    sign into slack workspace

    Note: You must have permission to install apps to your Slack Workspace to proceed.  If you do not have permission to install apps on Slack, you can share this link that you are on with your Slack Workspace Administrator to allow them to install the integration on your behalf. 
  5. Once you or your Slack Administrator has logged in, you will see the following screen.

  6. Select the Slack public channel where Recognition should be posted (you can leave this blank if you do not want Recognition to be posted in Slack.)
  7. Click Allow.


The Slack integration allows employees to both quickly perform actions in Quantum Workplace directly from their Slack accounts and receive notifications from Quantum Workplace via Slack direct messages. Once enabled, employees can use the Slack integration to recognize their coworkers and request feedback from each other via their Slack account. QW Admins can choose to automatically publish all Recognition posts to any public Slack channel you want. 

Employees will receive Slack notifications (direct messages) any time that they would receive an email notification related to Recognition or Pulse Survey.  


Once the Slack integration has been established, your employees will receive notifications in Slack for all virtually all updates in Quantum Workplace. This includes invitations to take a survey,

  • Survey: Invitations and reminders to take a Pulse Survey
  • Recognition: You have been recognized, your direct report has been recognized, someone has commented on recognition you received, and someone has commented on recognition you gave. 

Available Commands

The below list of commands allows you to perform quick actions for Quantum Workplace via your Slack account. You can type the following commands anywhere in Slack (e.g. in any direct message or channel) to utilize them. 

/qwirk help

Use this quick command to see a list of all possible commands. 

/qwirk recognize @employee name

After you type /qwirk recognize, @mention the individual(s) you want to recognize. Hit the Enter key.  In the modal that appears, add the context about why they deserve this recognition (this will appear as the text of the recognition post.) Then, select a badge and click Post. 

/qwirk givefeedback @employee name

/qwirk requestfeedback

Typing in this command allows you to request feedback for yourself or any of your direct reports using a Feedback template of your choice. 

/qwirk privatenote @employee name

Use this command to make a private note (not visible to anyone besides you) about a colleague. 

How to Publish Recognition to a Slack Channel

Once the Slack integration is set up, you will have the option to choose a channel to publish all Recognition posts in your organization. We recommend creating a separate #recognition channel for this purpose, but you can post to an existing channel if you prefer. Don't forget to announce to the rest of your company that there is a new #recognition channel available to join!



Issue: I'm unable to Install Slack integration

If you are unable to install the Slack integration, the most likely explanation is that your Slack Workspace Owners have restricted who can install apps on your workspace. If this is the case, you may see the following error message: 

To install the app, you will need to do one of the following: 

  1. Make one of your Slack Workspace Owners an Admin in Quantum Workplace and request that they install the Quantum Workplace app. You can find out who your Admins & Owners are by going to:
  2. Request to be made a Slack Workspace Owner so that you can install the app.
  3. Request that your Slack Workspace Owner relax the app installation restrictions.

Issue: the Slack integration doesn't work for one or more employees

If your Slack integration has been successfully installed but is not working for one or more individuals, the most likely explanation is that their email address in Quantum Workplace and Slack do not match. The Slack integration looks up everyone's email address on file in Quantum Workplace and maps each one to a matching email address on file in your Slack Workspace. The Slack integration will be available for every employee with an exact character match. 

Admins can determine whether a mismatched email address is the cause of the failure by checking the User Sync section in Administration. From the Slack Integration page in Administration, click Download Mismatched Users to download a file showing which users didn't have matches in Slack, and compare them to your Slack user list. Modify the email addresses on file in Slack and re-sync to correct the mismatch.