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Slack Integration


How to Install

  1. You must be an Administrator on your account to install the Slack integration.
  2. Navigate to AdministrationIntegrationsSlackConnect.
  3. Log in to your Slack workspace using an account that can install apps (if you're not already logged in).
  4. Select the Slack public channel where Recognitions should be posted.
  5. Voila! Your Slack integration is now active! If things aren't working quite perfectly, check out some troubleshooting tips.

How to Use the Slack Integration

You can use the Slack integration to quickly and easily Recognize another Slack user. You can also automatically publish all Recognition posts to any public Slack channel you want.

Available Commands

/qwirk help

Use this quick command to see a list of all possible commands. 

/qwirk recognize

To get started, @mention the individuals you want to Recognize. Add a backstory that paints a picture about why they deserve such accolades. Select a badge to apply to the post. That's it!

/qwirk givefeedback

Launch feedback with a few keystrokes from anywhere in Slack using the /qwirk givefeedback command.

/qwirk requestfeedback

With this command, you can request feedback quickly and easily. Whether it's for yourself or a direct report, you can set up a Feedback session in just a few seconds.

/qwirk privatenote

Need to make a quick private note about someone? Use the /qwirk privatenote command to capture your note before your thought vanishes into thin air!

Publish to Slack Channel

Once the Slack integration is set up, any Recognition posted in Quantum Workplace will automatically be published in whichever public Slack channel you choose. We like to use a #recognition channel, but you're free to use whatever you want. Don't forget to announce to the rest of your company that there is a new #recognition channel available to join!


Unable to Install Slack integration


If you are unable to install the Slack integration, the most likely explanation is that your Slack Workspace Owners have restricted who can install Apps on your workspace. If this is the case, you may see the following error message: 

To install the App, you will need to do one of these things:

  1. Make one of your Slack Workspace Owners an Admin in Quantum Workplace and request that they install the App. You can find out who your Admins & Owners are by going to:
  2. Request to be made a Slack Workspace Owner so that you can install the App.
  3. Request your Slack Workspace Owner relax the App installation restrictions.

I'm trying to recognize someone but I keep getting an error.

If you're trying to recognize someone and it's not working, it's possible that their user's email address wasn't matched to their Slack account. The Slack integration looks up everyone's email address on file in Quantum Workplace and maps each one to a matching email address on file in your Slack workspace. If there is a match, that's how we know when you recognize @roger.richardson, you're actually recognizing a very specific "Roger Richardson" in Quantum Workplace.

Admins can determine whether this is the issue by checking the User Sync section in Administration. From the Slack Integration page in Administration,  click Download Mismatched Users to download a file showing which users didn't have matches in Slack, and compare them to your Slack user list. Modify the email addresses on file in Slack and re-sync to correct the mismatch.