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How to Set Up Goals for Your Organization

This guides is intended to show Admin Users how to set up Goals.

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On the Goals Administration page, there are several preferences you can set to help guide users to utilize Goals in ways that best fit your organization.

Setting Timing of Goals Reminder and Goals Summary Emails

You can determine if you’d like Goal Reminder Emails or Goal Summary Emails sent from the system.

Click here for more information on the setup and format of Administrator-Enabled Goals Emails.

Setting Default Goal Visibility

You can update the defaults for Goal Visibility so that each goal is automatically defaulted to Public, meaning it is visible to everyone in your organization, or Restricted, meaning only admin users and upline managers of the goal owners and contributors have visibility to it.

Note: Once launched, the privacy of an Organizational goal can not be changed. 

These preferences only control the default initially presented to a goal’s creator. The goal creator still has the option to change the Goal Visibility or Goal Type for any goal they create.

Enabling / Disabling Goal Hierarchy

You can choose if you’d like to enable Goal Hierarchy from this screen as well. In many organizations, goals are related and connected to one another. Enabling goal hierarchy allows users to make these connections when creating and editing goals.