September 25th, 2019 | About Me

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"About Me": Profile Customization

Have you ever wanted to share some context about yourself or your role on your Quantum Workplace profile?

You can now add any info you’d like your colleagues to see to the the new “About Me” section on your profile page. Let your coworkers know more about your role within the organization, what you’re passionate about, or that you like to play Bunco on Thursday nights! 🎲


Enhancements to Vitals

We are continuing to tune up our Vitals feature to make succession planning and talent assessments a snap. Now when you go to update any employee's Vitals, you'll see a banner at the top that displays the last time their Vitals were updated.

Don't forget: Vitals is now available for all Performance and Full Platform Customers! 🎁 🙌 Contact your CSM to get started on Vitals. 

Troubleshooting your HRIS Integration

If your HRIS integration fails (or if you run into an error when attempting to upload your employee demographic information), our system will now provide a link to more in-depth information on the error you're experiencing. If you have an HRIS integration, go to the Integrations page within Administration and click HRIS//HRMS to see a history of your integration by date. On the right side, you'll see how many Users were updated and whether any errors occurred on any given date. If an error occurred, click the Details link for more information.

If you do not have an HRIS integration but instead upload your employee information via a .csv file, this same information will be available to you. From User Management in Administration, click the Import button for a detailed history of when your information was last updated. 

🔨 Fixed

  • 1-on-1s: We’ve streamlined our process for email notifications within 1-on-1s to ensure that email notifications are sent out in a timely manner. ⏩⏩
  • Pulse: We noticed that within Pulse Analytics, data points generated by the “Compare To” feature were not showing up if a filter was applied. We’ve updated this to make sure that comparisons appear correctly. Voilà! 📈
  • Adding Users to Cycles: We squashed a bug in which customers using Google Chrome would have difficulty adding employees to Pulse, Feedback, or 1-on-1 cycles because the user select box would disappear. Ta-da! ✨