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How to Enable Single Sign On within Quantum Workplace

If you do not see the option to enable Single Sign-On from within Quantum Workplace, contact your Customer Success Manager to gain access to this option.

To start, click Integrations under the Administration drop-down in the left-hand navigation menu. Click Single Sign-on (SSO) to begin.
SSO - 1 - Integrations-3

Under Choose Your Identity Provider, select the Identity Provider your organization is using from the drop-down menu.  Our self-serve SSO option is available for the following Identity Providers: ADFS, Azure AD, Google, Okta, and OneLogin. If you have a different Identity Provider, this self-serve option is not available, but you can select "Other" as your Identity Provider to initiate the process of implementing SSO by coordinating with our team. 

SSO - 2 - Select IdP-2Once you have selected your Identity Provider, you will be prompted to either upload or link to a file of your metadata. Click Browse Files to upload your metadata file. 
SSO - 3 - Metadata-3

Once you've uploaded your file, click Next Step to continue.
SSO - 4 - Metadata Selected-2

On the next screen, select the unique identifier that you used when setting up your side of the configuration. Typically this is Employee ID or Email Address.
SSO - 5 - Lookup Type-1

On the following screen, you will verify your Identity Provider and the unique identifier that will be used for the integration (e.g. Employee ID). Click Activate SSO to continue. 
SSO - 6 - Review Settings-3

You will see a "Mission Accomplished" message when Single Sign-on has been established. If there are any errors with your metadata file, those errors will be listed so that your IT team can make any  corrections. 

SSO - 7 - Success-2

If you need to deactivate SSO at any time, you can return to the Integrations section of Administration and select Deactivate SSO.
SSO - 8 - Active-1