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How to Enable Single Sign On within Quantum Workplace

If you do not see the option to enable Single Sign On from within Quantum Workplace, contact your Customer Success Manager to gain access to this option.

Once your Customer Success Manager has given your organization the ability to implement SSO from directly within Quantum Workplace, you will see Single Sign-on (SSO) as an option within the Integrations menu in Administration. Click Single Sign-on (SSO) to begin.
SSO - 1 - Integrations-3

Under Choose Your Identity Provider, select the Identity Provider your organization is using from the drop-down menu.  Our self-serve SSO option is available for the following Identity Providers: ADFS, Azure AD, Google, Okta, and OneLogin. If you have a different Identity Provider, this self-serve option is not available, but you can select "Other" as your Identity Provider to initiate the process of implementing SSO by coordinating with our team. 

SSO - 2 - Select IdP-2Once you have selected your Identity Provider, you will be prompted to either upload or link to a file of your metadata. Click Browse Files to upload your metadata file. 
SSO - 3 - Metadata-3

Once you've uploaded your file, click Next Step to continue.
SSO - 4 - Metadata Selected-2

On the next screen, select the unique identifier that you used when setting up your side of the configuration. Typically this is Employee ID or Email Address.
SSO - 5 - Lookup Type-1

On the following screen, you will verify your Identity Provider and the unique identifier that will be used for the integration (e.g. Employee ID). Click Activate SSO to continue. 
SSO - 6 - Review Settings-3

You will see a "Mission Accomplished" message when Single Sign-on has been established. If there are any errors with your metadata file, those errors will be listed so that your IT team can make any  corrections. 

SSO - 7 - Success-2

If you need to deactivate SSO at any time, you can return to the Integrations section of Administration and select Deactivate SSO.
SSO - 8 - Active-1